A Detailed Guide on the 750 Megawatt Solar Power Plant

The 750 megawatt solar power plant is one of the remarkable initiatives taken by the Indian government towards the commitment to achieving the target of 175 GW of solar electricity generation by 2024.

The Rewa Ultra Mega Solar Power Project is India’s first 750 megawatt solar power plant. The Rewa Solar Plant is a ground-mounted solar power plant that spans 1,590 hectares. This solar project is set up in the Rewa district of MP and is amongst the most significant solar projects in the world. 

Notably, on 3rd January 2020, this 750 megawatt solar power plant was commissioned at its full capacity. Since then, it has been supplying clean, renewable, and economical electricity to the state DISCOM – MPPMCL (Madhya Pradesh Power Management Company) and the DMRC (Delhi Metro Corporation Limited)

If you want to know more notable facts and information on this 750 megawatt solar power plant, let us explore this further!

Who Implemented the 750 MW Rewa Solar Plant?

The implementation agency of this 750 MW Rewa Solar Plant is Rewa Ultra Mega Solar Limited (RUMSL). The RUMSL has developed the 750 MW Rewa Solar Project and the 250 MW Mandsaur Solar Park.

Established in 2015, the company Rewa Ultra Mega Solar Limited is a joint project of SECI (Solar Energy Corporation of India) and MPUVN (Madhya Pradesh UrjaVikas Nigam Limited) to undertake solar projects in India. 

Remarkably, the MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy) has assigned the RUMSL as the Solar Power Park Developer (SPPD) to establish large-scale solar power plants in Madhya Pradesh. RUMSL is setting solar parks in motion under the UMREPP (Ultra Mega Renewable Energy Power Projects) scheme by MNRE. 

The capacity of this 750 megawatt solar power plant was allotted in 3 packages of 250 MW each. In January 2017, the RUMSL requested bids from several solar vendors. About twenty companies participated in the bidding, including six international companies such as Sembcorp (Singapore), Engie (France), Soft bank (Japan), Enel (Italy), and Arinsun (Mauritius).

From all these, eighteen companies were shortlisted according to their technical and financial proposal forwarded in the bidding procedure. Notably, Mahindra Renewables, Acme Jaipur Solar Power Private Ltd, and Arinsun Clean Energy Pvt Ltd were the three winning bidders.

Achievements from the 750 Megawatt Solar Power Plant in Rewa

Let us now take a look at some considerable achievements of this 750 megawatt solar power plant. 

Rewa UMSPP is the foremost renewable project in India to achieve the following targets:

  • – This power plant has successfully scheduled open access power to an inter-state customer.
  • – It has gained a concessional loan from the World Bank to develop the plant’s internal evacuation infrastructure.
  • – It has successfully developed innovative energy contracts to replace conventional power contracts.
  • – To ensure regular payments to the developers from MP Discoms, it has introduced a three-tier security mechanism for payment.
  • – It has introduced the appreciable concept of Optimum Scheduling in the Delhi Metro to satisfy about 60% of the energy demands in the daytime. 
  • – It is the first large-scale solar-powered plant to supply solar energy for railway traction.

Now, let us discuss some interesting facts about this solar power project.

Notable Facts About the 750 Megawatt Solar Power Plant

Here are some noteworthy chunks of facts about the 750 Megawatt Solar Power Plant in Rewa. 

  • – The 750 MW Rewa Ultra Mega Solar Power Plant, located in Madhya Pradesh, is one of the biggest single-site solar power plants implemented across the globe.
  • – Our honourable PM, Shri Narendra Modi, inaugurated Asia’s largest 750 megawatt solar power plant at Rewa by video conferencing.
  • – The MNRE had approved this solar power project under its solar park scheme, and it allocated a fund of INR 12 lakhs per MW for this.
  • – Being developed over 1,590 hectares of land, this plant is nestled in Rewa’s Gurh tehsil and encompasses three units, each with 250 MW capacity.
  • – The IFC (International Finance Corporation), a part of the World Bank Group, has invested nearly $440 million (about INR 2,800 crore) in this 750 megawatt solar power plant project.
  • – This 750 megawatt solar power plant project includes a 3*33/220 KV pooling substation which is developed with the aid of a World Bank loan for the power evacuation.
  • – To enable the discharge of power from the project site to consumers, the Power Grid Corporation of India has established an inter-state transmission system of 220/400 KV under a green corridor.
  • – The operations of this solar power plant help in reducing 15.4 lakh tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions each year.
  • – The tariff of the Rewa solar project without any VGF support was significantly low, as compared to the prevalent solar project tariffs of ₹ 4.50/unit by the CPSUs. Remarkably, its first-year tariff was ₹ 2.97/unit and an equalised rate of ₹ 3.30/unit over the twenty-five years duration.
  • – As per the power purchase agreement, the Delhi Metro Rail and MP Power Management tap power from this 750 MW solar project.
  • – Larsen & Toubro (Oman) was selected to deliver the EPC services for all three units of the Rewa Ultra Mega Solar Power Park project.
  • – Rewa Solar Power Park Project has received the World Bank Group’s President award for Innovation and Excellence.
  • – Remarkably, the 750 megawatt solar power plant has been included in the Prime Minister’s Book of Innovation 2017.


The Rewa 750 megawatt solar power plant has been recognized in India as well as abroad for its strong structuring and notable innovations. The MNRE has recommended the transaction structure of this solar power plant as a model for other states to consider.

After this solar project, the RUMSL is engaged in the implementation of 1500 MW Solar Parks in the Shajapur, Neemuch, and Agar districts of Madhya Pradesh. Solar energy will soon become the most considerable energy source for electricity production across the world in the future.


1. What is MW in the solar system?

MW stands for megawatt in solar power plants. It is a unit of power. 1 MW can generate 4,000 units per day or 1,20,000 units per month and 14,40,000 units per year. 

2. What is the cost of a 1 MW solar power plant?

The cost of solar power systems has been changing as the government is adopting several measures to promote green energy. The approximate cost of installing a 1MW solar power plant is 4-5 crore.

3. How many homes can a 1-megawatt solar system power?

On average solar panels with a 1-megawatt power generation capacity are sufficient to meet the needs of approximately 164 homes.