SolarSquare Partner Program: Become a SolarPro Sales Partner

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Multiply your wealth

Join the SolarPro partnership program our top partners make over Rs. 2 lakh monthly

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Get free training and sales material

We provide in-depth training and tools to help you unlock sales and unlimited earnings

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Be your own boss

Get complete flexibility – you decide your timings and days of work

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Contribute to saving the planet

Help reduce carbon footprint by encouraging solar adoption in the country

Our SolarPro partnership
program is for:

  • Service professionals

    Interior designers, project management service providers, brokers and others

  • Business providers

    Shop owners, business owners and more

  • Solar industry associates

    Solar water heater suppliers, dealers, shop owners and others

Join us and earn upwards of Rs. 6,000 per project. Maximum earnings have no limit!

About SolarSquare
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team members

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Installation experience

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SolarPro partners across 9 Indian states

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Why partner with SolarSquare?

India’s trusted solar brand

8000+ happy customers, 4.8 rating on Google, and the most durable system in the market

Flexible financing for all budgets

Our multiple EMI plans and financing options make solar affordable

Quality assurance

Our mounting structures are approved by the prestigious IIT Bombay

Simplified earnings

Talk to customers, track your leads and earning on our portal and grow your wealth – it's that easy!

SolarPro program's presence across India
how it works
How to become a SolarPro Partner?

Follow these simple steps to partner with us.

Sign up

Fill out the SolarPro form above to start

Get on a call

Get a callback from our team

Upskill yourself

Complete a mandatory 3-hour training session and online assessment

Sign on the dotted line

Sign our partnership contract and receive ready-to-use sales material

Start earning

Start convincing and converting leads into customers

What do our SolarPro partners say about us?

Dr. Nisha Bewtra

Recognizing the promising outcomes of the SolarPro partnership, I decided to take the plunge. What could be better than earning while endorsing green energy? This way, I'm also contributing to the fight against global warming. As a SolarPro partner with SolarSquare, I've already earned over 1 lakh rupees – and counting.

Mr Ravi Gupta

So far, I've assisted approximately 25 families in their transition to solar energy with SolarSquare. The SolarPro partnership program is exceptional. The company offers extensive technical support. It's a win-win situation – I benefit, and so does the customer.


How much can I earn through the SolarPro partnership program?

You can earn Rs. 2000 per kW. For example, for a 10kW project, your payout would be Rs. 20,000.

I'm already employed. Will there be any issue if I sign this MOU?

No, there won't be any issues. This role is of a service consultant, and it doesn't conflict with your current job.

How will SolarSquare support me?

SolarSquare will provide you with all the necessary marketing material. Our sales team will handle your leads. There's no obligation for you to attend meetings unless you wish to.

Can I receive payment in cash?

Unfortunately, we only make payments to the registered PRO's account to prevent any discrepancies.

How can I track the status of my leads?

We have a dedicated portal that displays the status of each of your leads along with the total and pending amounts to be received.

How do I submit leads and how safe is it?

You need to share the leads through a Google Form we provide. Once you do that, the leads are registered under your name, ensuring its safety.

How can I become a SolarPro partner?

Becoming a SolarPro partner is a simple 3 step process –

  • Interested individuals fill up a simple form on our website (link)
  • All prospective partners have to attend mandatory online training on solar industry, product and commercials.
  • Clear short assessment at the end of each module

Individuals who clear the assessment are invited to sign a MoU and allocated a dedicated relationship manager who assists the partners in monetizing their network and skills.

I am a working professional, can I become a SolarPro partner?

Yes, SolarPro is an open eligibility performance driven program.

As a SolarPro partner you are a true entrepreneur and can choose your own time commitments and target segments. We provide curated training and marketing tools depending on your profession, network ,skills and time commitment.

We have a vibrant community of SolarPro partners with professional expertise as an architect, chartered accountant, solar consultant, sales professional, real estate consultant, banking, solar and electrical EPC etc.

What is the commission structure for the SolarPro program?

We provide an industry leading commission structure with timely and project linked commissions. Commissions are linked to installed project capacity with many added benefits like repeat client bonus, annual bonus, and award recognition.

Average commission on the basis of various segment are –

Project size (KW)
Avg commission/project
Residential Societies/GHS/CHS
Small commercial (MSME/SME)
Retail (showrooms, dealerships, cold storage, dairy farms, warehouses)
Industrial (textile, metals, steel, aluminum, pharmaceuticals)
Education institutes (schools, colleges, coaching institutes)
Hospitality (hotels, restaurants, guesthouses, hostels)
50 – 200
Healthcare (clinics, multi-specialty hospitals)
Public events and entertainment (wedding halls, Malls, community halls)
200- 1000

What role does a SolarPro partner play?

SolarPro is a lead generation program where accredited partners bring prospective clients for rooftop solar projects to SolarSquare Energy. These clients can be reached through using existing networks (both professional and personal), social media promotions or in-person outreach.

Once these leads are registered with us, we take care of everything else, including project evaluation, sales pitch and execution. With lead closure rates of +50%, we actively share the progress with the SolarPro partners who can then work on nurturing new leads.

Furthermore, each genuine lead is uniquely tagged to the partner and remains active for a period of 12 months, hence even if the project gets finalized and executed anytime within those 12 months, the SolarPro partner receives 100% of their commission.

What can I do if I have a strong network but am not confident about convincing them?

All SolarPro partners are provided curated marketing material, expert guidance and necessary hand-holding. SolarPro partners get access to certified brochures, visiting cards, digital content, training modules and dedicated relationship manager. This ensures that every SolarPro partner is fully equipped to answer the queries from prospective clients as well as aware of the best practices for maximizing their returns on effort and time.

Are SolarPro partners required to work in 1 state only?

No. SolarPro partners are free to reach out to their network present anywhere in India across any segment (residential, commercial, industrial) and earn commissions on every successful project.