SolarSquare Partner Program: Become a SolarPro Sales Partner

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Become our SolarPro
Sales Partner

SolarPro is India's most lucrative sales opportunity

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SolarPro partners earn
up to 20 Lac per year

Bring qualified Solar Leads & Earn

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Help Solarise India as
a SolarPro Partner

Become a solar advisor for commercial and residential customers

Who Can You Sell Solar Projects To?
  • Factory Factory
  • Warehouse Warehouse
  • Hospitals Hospitals
  • Houses Houses
  • Malls Malls
  • Hotels Hotels
  • Residential Societies Residential Societies
  • Retail Stores Retail Stores
  • Educational Institutes Educational Institutes
  • Anyone with a roof! Anyone with a roof!

Bring qualified solar client leads & earn up to 1 Lakh per project on successful sales.

Our Credentials

Solarsquare Energy's Journey In Numbers


90 MWp+


30 Lakh Daily


100 Member


99.8 %


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Why Solar Square Energy ?

We promise to make solar a hassle-free purchase, so that you enjoy its benefits for 25 years

Among India's top 10 Rooftop Solar Developers

with presence across 16 states and 60MWp+ of portfolio


Hassle Free Project Execution

From design to procurement to installation & govt. approvals


Easy Financing Solutions

We offer PPA and EMI financing solutions


Only Solar company in India with UL Certification

UL is the world's toughest industry standard on plant quality and safety

Benefits of being a SolarPro Partner?
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Be a part of a booming industry

Solar power is the future of India and lakhs of customers are going solar each year

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Help the planet

Help businesses go solar thus reducing their carbon foot print


Earn up to 20 Lakh per year

In today's economic uncertainty, have the ability to earn on the side working on your own free time


We help you succeed

Our friendly Sales Partner Program ensures you are given all tools and material to succeed

how it works

How It Works

Steps to become a
SolarPro Partner?

Sign Up For Solarpro Form Above

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Receive A Call From Us

Our team will call you to know more about you


Get Trained To Be Our Sales Partner

You have to undergo a mandatory 1 hour intro session and 2 hour sales training session, followed by a 15 min online assessment test.


Sign Our Partnership Contract

We seal the deal with you! You receive sales & marketing material for client meetings.


You Are Ready To Roll!

We provide on-going support to help you be successful.


Partner with us

Who can be a SolarPro Sales Partner?

Business Owners

Solar Professionals

Solar Professionals

Architects & Interior Designers

Architects & Interior Designers

Real Estate Agents & Consultants

Real Estate Agents & Consultants

Sales Professionals

Sales Professionals

Insurance & Loan Agents

Insurance & Loan Agents

Anyone With Sales Hustle

Anyone With Sales Hustle

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SolarPro

SolarPro is an industry leading partnership program which provides lucrative and flexible earning opportunities for environment conscious sale hustlers who can promote solar projects to key decision makers in the industrial, manufacturing, hospitality, healthcare, educational and residential segments. By tapping into their network, SolarPro partners can earn immediate project linked commissions of upto 2 lacs per project.

What are the benefits of going Solar?

Rooftop Solar projects are a clean, environment friendly and cheap source of energy which is highly lucrative in view of the increasing tariff rate and electricity consumption. With a plant life of 25 years, all types of projects have a break-even period of 2-5 years, ensuring free electricity for two decades or more. Solar power is also one of the safest sources of power generation with a mature, zero emissions, non-polluting (air, land, noise) and non-hazardous technology.

Why should I partner with SolarSquare Energy?

We are among the top 10 rooftop Solar EPC in India with one of fastest growing presence across geographies and industry segments. We are driven by an environmentally conscious, high pedigree (IIT/IIM), ethical and highly experienced top management with an eagle-eyed sharp focus on product quality, customer satisfaction and safety.

With more than 53 MW of installed capacity across 15 states, reputed clients like Aditya Birla Group, Johnson & Johnsons, Emami group etc, we are the only Solar company in India to have a UL certified plant (world’s stringiest quality and safety benchmark used by global manufactures like Boeing and Apple). You can thus trust and associate your own personal brand on our projects and commitments.

Are there any investment requirements for becoming a SolarPro partner?

No. There is absolutely no financial investment required from a SolarPro partner. The program only requires investment in time and hustle to turn potential leads into successful projects.

Will I be responsible for project execution and after sale service?

No. Once a genuine lead is registered, SolarSquare Energy takes complete ownership of project completion and after sale service

How can I become a SolarPro partner?

Becoming a SolarPro partner is a simple 3 step process –

  • Interested individuals fill up a simple form on our website (link)
  • All prospective partners have to attend mandatory online training on solar industry, product and commercials.
  • Clear short assessment at the end of each module

Individuals who clear the assessment are invited to sign a MoU and allocated a dedicated relationship manager who assists the partners in monetizing their network and skills.

I am a working professional, can I become a SolarPro partner?

Yes, SolarPro is an open eligibility performance driven program.

As a SolarPro partner you are a true entrepreneur and can choose your own time commitments and target segments. We provide curated training and marketing tools depending on your profession, network ,skills and time commitment.

We have a vibrant community of SolarPro partners with professional expertise as an architect, chartered accountant, solar consultant, sales professional, real estate consultant, banking, solar and electrical EPC etc.

What is the commission structure for the SolarPro program?

We provide an industry leading commission structure with timely and project linked commissions. Commissions are linked to installed project capacity with many added benefits like repeat client bonus, annual bonus, and award recognition.

Average commission on the basis of various segment are –

Project size (KW)
Avg commission/project
Residential Societies/GHS/CHS
Small commercial (MSME/SME)
Retail (showrooms, dealerships, cold storage, dairy farms, warehouses)
Industrial (textile, metals, steel, aluminum, pharmaceuticals)
Education institutes (schools, colleges, coaching institutes)
Hospitality (hotels, restaurants, guesthouses, hostels)
50 – 200
Healthcare (clinics, multi-specialty hospitals)
Public events and entertainment (wedding halls, Malls, community halls)
200- 1000

What role does a SolarPro partner play?

SolarPro is a lead generation program where accredited partners bring prospective clients for rooftop solar projects to SolarSquare Energy. These clients can be reached through using existing networks (both professional and personal), social media promotions or in-person outreach.

Once these leads are registered with us, we take care of everything else, including project evaluation, sales pitch and execution. With lead closure rates of +50%, we actively share the progress with the SolarPro partners who can then work on nurturing new leads.

Furthermore, each genuine lead is uniquely tagged to the partner and remains active for a period of 12 months, hence even if the project gets finalized and executed anytime within those 12 months, the SolarPro partner receives 100% of their commission.

What can I do if I have a strong network but am not confident about convincing them?

All SolarPro partners are provided curated marketing material, expert guidance and necessary hand-holding. SolarPro partners get access to certified brochures, visiting cards, digital content, training modules and dedicated relationship manager. This ensures that every SolarPro partner is fully equipped to answer the queries from prospective clients as well as aware of the best practices for maximizing their returns on effort and time.

Are SolarPro partners required to work in 1 state only?

No. SolarPro partners are free to reach out to their network present anywhere in India across any segment (residential, commercial, industrial) and earn commissions on every successful project.