Simplifying Rooftop Solar System Installation For Home & Business

Simplifying Solar

India trusts Solar Square

Introduction to Solar Square


“Whether it is salt farmers in India embracing solar power or wind companies creating tens of thousands of jobs in America, people are providing a vision for the clean energy future."

- Frances Beinecke

Sharing the passion for solar power that started in the 7th century BC, Solar Square is now India’s third-largest EPC installer with a 90 MW rooftop solar experience.

A bunch of like-minded solar enthusiasts from IIT Bombay started Solar Square with the vision of making India the flagbearer of clean, sustainable energy.

Solar Square makes every day a Sunday by helping consumers enjoy free electricity from solar power for 25 years.


About Us

We are the best-in-class service providers, taking solar to homes all across the country. We offer affordable EMI solutions for homeowners looking to go solar.

Trusted by more than 7000 homeowners and fortune 500 companies, we strive to help our customers save a minimum of Rs. 2000 on their monthly electricity bills.

In our journey of 8 years, we have earned the rare honour of being India’s only UL-certified solar company. We offer unhindered guidance starting from rooftop inspection to solar system installation and post-installation care.


Why choose Solar Square?

Let’s just say – we do not desert our customers after we install a rooftop solar system. Your concern is our concern!

Whether it's the maintenance of the solar system or effective guidance in ensuring that you get the best returns on your investment, we’ll walk with you every step of the way.

By choosing Solar Square, you get -

  • The guidance of experienced solar consultants - completely free of cost.
  • Rooftop inspection before solar system installation.
  • Advice on the best types of solar systems that will help generate maximum power.
  • Guarantee of having a solar system strong enough to handle wind speeds as high as 170 kmph.
  • Annual maintenance contract for 5 years.
  • Easy financing options with multiple EMI schemes.


We help our customers do their bit for the environment. Installing even a 1 KW solar system with us means you're avoiding the release of 1 metric ton of carbon dioxide every year for the next 25 years. That's equivalent to planting 15 trees.


Services Solar Square offers

#1. Rooftop Inspection & 3D Design

Being in the game since 2015, we understand how important a site inspection is. Our solar consultants visit the installation site to determine

  • The type of roof: an RCC or a metal sheet roof.
  • The structural strength and condition of the roof.
  • The size of the rooftop.
  • Ideal tilt angle and direction for the solar panels.


Every single parameter is taken into account to locate the ideal spot on your rooftop: the ideal spot is someplace that receives unhindered sunlight between 9 AM to 4 PM.

We do understand that homeowners are concerned about how their property would look after the installation of a solar system on the rooftop.

Our design team proactively participates during the initial inspection to resolve this specific aesthetic concern.

A 3D model of your house with a solar system on top will be presented within 30 minutes of the rooftop inspection.

We promise transparency at every step of the solar journey you walk with us.

#2. Installation of residential solar panels

Once the ideal spot is found, our design engineers and installation experts execute what’s promised: seamless installation with strong, chemically anchored mounting structures.

We have the legacy of never leaving safety and quality to chance. Our best-in-class solar systems and their safe installation practices are second to none.

With the assistance from Solar Square, you'll have a solar system you'll be proud of for the next 25 years.

#3. Easy financing options for all

We understand that the upfront installation cost can be hefty for many people.

So, we’ve curated financial options to make solar affordable for all.

  • A 10-minute, hassle-free loan approval.
  • Interest-free 6-month EMI.
  • 5-year EMI, paid in 60 easy installments 


#4. Annual maintenance contract

We offer a free 5-year annual maintenance contract to all our customers.

We take care of the

  • Quarterly cleaning of the solar panels.
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance of the solar system.
  • The power generation efficiency of the solar system.


Awards and Certifications

With the groundbreaking figure of hitting Rs. 30 lakhs worth of solar installations daily, Solar Square has become one of the most trusted commercial solar installers in India.

We’ve also touched the milestone of being the third-biggest company in residential solar in India by installing a solar panel for home for more than 7000 residences in India.

We have added many other feathers to our cap -

  • We are India's third-largest EPC contractor as per JMK research and analytics report, 2021.
  • Since we keep quality and safety before everything else, we've earned the honor of being India's only UL-certified solar company.



1. What is a solar rooftop system?

A solar rooftop system is a combination of many components that convert sunlight into usable electricity.

The components of a rooftop solar include the following -

  • Solar panels with PV cells
  • Solar inverter
  • Solar panel mounting structures
  • AC and DC cables
  • AC combiner box
  • DC combiner box
  • Earthing cables
  • MC4 connectors


2. How does a solar rooftop system work?

A solar rooftop system works on the concept of conversion of sunlight into electricity. The phenomenon is known as the photovoltaic effect.

When sunlight falls on the PV cells in a solar panel, the sunlight is converted into electricity. The generated power is DC current. An AC combiner box is used to convert that DC power into usable AC power.

The generated AC electricity is fed into a bidirectional metre that supplies power to the house. It also exports excess power to the DISCOM (grid) and imports power from the grid if electricity generated by the rooftop solar system is not enough to cover the daily requirement.

3. How to apply for a solar rooftop subsidy?

Now that the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) has been introduced, the subsidy application process has become much easier. Here's a step-by-step breakdown:

1.      Visit the National Portal for Rooftop Solar website.

2.      Download the Sandes app from the website and install it.

3.      Register as a customer on the Sandes app.

4.      Once registered, a discom official will visit your home to assess technical feasibility.

5.      After receiving the No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the official, choose SolarSquare as your solar installation company.

6.      Discuss the project details with us and sign an agreement.

7.      Upon receiving payment, we will commence the installation process.

8.      We will then provide a work completion report and apply for a net meter installation on your behalf.

9.      You will receive a commissioning certificate upon completion.

10.   Submit your bank account information and upload a copy of a cancelled cheque through the National Portal for Rooftop Solar.

11.   Once the fund handling agency receives your details, the subsidy will be credited to your bank account within 30 days.

By following these steps, you can smoothly complete the process and enjoy the benefits of solar energy.

4. What is the solar panel for home price in India without a subsidy?

If you are planning to install solar for home or housing societies, the solar panel for home price list we’ve curated will greatly help you.

Here's the reference about the range of solar panels for home cost without a subsidy in India:

1 KW rooftop solar system: ₹70,000 to ₹1,10,000
2 KW rooftop solar system: ₹1,40,000 to ₹1,80,000
3 KW rooftop solar system: ₹1,80,000 to ₹2,40,000
4 KW rooftop solar system: ₹2,40,000 to ₹3,20,000
5 KW rooftop solar system: ₹3,00,000 to ₹4,00,000
10 kW rooftop solar system: ₹6,00,000 to ₹8,00,000