An Overview of 20 Watt Solar Panel: Application, Pricing, Pros and Cons

One of the smallest sizes of solar photovoltaic panels is the 20 watt solar panel. Apart from being compact, these panels also have the lowest price range. 

A 20W PV panel is very lightweight and can be easily carried anywhere. Due to its portability, it is suitable for many applications on the go.

Notably, the 20-watt solar panel is designed specially to charge small batteries. Concerning the 20 watt solar panel price, it is a very economical option.

To know more about these solar panels, let us explore them in detail!

How Does a 20 Watt Solar Panel Work?

A solar panel has numerous photovoltaic cells embedded in it. These PV cells are usually made up of silicon material. 

As the 20 watt solar panel receives the sunlight, the PV cells absorb the energy they receive. 

The cells transfer the energy absorbed by them to the semiconductor. It helps generate an electric field that produces voltage and current. 

Both voltage and current altogether deliver power. The power generated is measured in Watts. The current is generated as DC power, a charge controller changes it into AC power.  

Types of a 20 Watt Solar Panel

There are two main types of 20W solar panels – Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline.

  • – Monocrystalline Solar Panel: Monocrystalline 20W solar panels are called single crystalline silicon panels. The mono panels are more efficient than their counterparts. Their efficiency is around 19 to 20%.
  • – Poly-crystalline Solar Panel: A Poly-crystalline 20-watt solar panel is also referred to as a multi-crystalline solar panel. The efficiency of poly solar panels is about 16% to 17%.

Pricing of a 20W Solar Panel

Do you want to know how much a 20W solar panel costs?

A 20W PV panel is a low-cost alternative to larger PV systems; specifically, when you want to utilise the energy from the sun on the go in order to charge your devices.

Notably, most systems are accompanied by their ready-to-go kit. You must ensure that your kit has the required connecting cables, battery, charge controller, and ports.

  • – The 20 watt solar panel price for the monocrystalline types ranges from Rs. 460 to Rs. 560. 
  • – The 20 watt solar panel price for the polycrystalline types is usually between Rs. 540 to Rs. 660. 

Specifications of 20W Solar Panels

When looking at key specifications, you must consider the types of cells used in a PV panel and its warranty period.

  • – A 20 watt mono solar panel comprises monocrystalline silicon PV cells. 
  • – A 20 watt polycrystalline solar panel is made up of multi-crystalline silicon cells.

Another aspect that you must acknowledge is the warranty period of your solar panels. 

  • – The manufacturing defect warranty of a 20 watt solar panel is 2 to 5 years. In this duration, you can get these solar panels repaired by your seller in case of any defect. 
  • – The output performance warranty for a 20W panel is around 5 to 10 years

Benefits of a 20 Watt Solar Panel

Here are some reasons why these solar panels can benefit you.

  • Cost-effectiveness: The 20W solar panels offer great savings on their cost. The 20 watt solar panel price is low as compared to its other higher-wattage panels.
  • Compactness: These panels are compact; hence, they do not consume mammoth amounts of space. You can take them with you to camping sites and hiking. They’re no bother since they’re lightweight too. 

Cons of a 20-Watt Solar Panel

As every coin has two sides, the 20W solar panels also have some limitations, apart from their benefits. The one major limitation is:

  • Weather Dependency: The 20W solar panels largely depend on sunlight to gather solar energy and generate power efficiently. Since they’re small, they need ample direct sunlight to produce an electric current.

How Many 20 Watt Solar Panels Do You Need?

Well, it would actually depend upon factors like: the type of panel selected (i.e., polycrystalline or mono-crystalline panels) and the brand of the panels.

We have a general rule of thumb for this!

To calculate the number of solar panels that you will need, you have to divide the capacity of your solar array (in watts) by the capacity of your solar panel.

Bear in mind, a 20-watt panel is too small to be used to make big solar systems. 

That being said, if you still decide to make a 1 KW solar system out of it, you would need 50 20-watt solar panels. 

Applications of a 20 Watt Solar Panel

A solar panel of 20W is specifically designed for powering small electrical items or devices. Some common devices that a 20W panel can power are cell phones, digital and security cameras, and lights.

Besides, such a type of solar panel is also suitable for use on the go, such as when you are camping. 

Also, a 20W solar panel is great around the garden to light it up or set up a security system when there is no power supply around your property. 

Subsidy on a 20 Watt Solar Panel

Well, installing a solar power system is a robust investment, and the government subsidy encourages people to invest in eco-friendly solar power generation.

However, your solar panel should be 330 watts or more to receive a government Subsidy. Although there are exceptions, a 20 watt solar panel would still not be included in the subsidy category. 

For higher-wattage panels (usually, 330 watts and above), the subsidy offered is:

  • – 40% of L1 rates for 1KW to 3 KW solar systems for homes.
  • – 20% of L1 rates for solar systems above 3 KW and up to 10 KW for homes. 
  • – 20% of L1 prices for solar systems up to 500 KW for housing societies. 


Solar power is clean & sustainable energy. A 20 watt solar panel is one of the most innovative options to use solar power when you’re travelling.

You can charge your mobile phones or run your garden lights and security cameras using these solar panels.


Q. What is the working life of the 20-watt solar panels?

These portable solar panels have a manufacturing defect warranty of 2 to 5 years. 

Their power output efficiency ranges between 5 to 10 years. 

Q. What are the attributes of the ideal 20 watt solar panel available in the market?

The best 20W panels are compact, portable, sturdy, corrosion-resistant, water-resistant, and economical.

Q. How much current (in Amps) is produced by a 20W Solar Panel?

Under ideal conditions, a 20W solar panel can produce 1.34 amps current per hour. Typically, it is calculated by dividing the power in watts (W) by the voltage in volts (V).