Are Second Hand Solar Panels A Good Investment?

Does investing in a solar panel system sound too much to you? Have you considered the possibility of installing used solar panels instead? 

Acquiring solar energy and employing it to light millions of homes and workplaces has proven to be quite a cost-effective process in the long term. 

The initial operating expenses to purchase and install a new solar system deter a lot of people from going green and saving money. 

If you’re one of those people, you might want to choose used solar panels to avoid the substantial initial expenditure. 

This comprehensive guide examines the key elements of purchasing second-hand solar panels. It also analyses the advantages and disadvantages of second-hand solar panels compared to buying new ones. 

Dive in and you’ll have all the information required to facilitate your decision-making for purchasing used solar panels for sale at your disposal.

How To Choose Ideal Used Solar Panels?

Priorities first!

Solar panels are some of the most exquisite products available on the market. They must be maintained with utmost caution during transportation and installation to prevent surface defects. 

Defects are more like termites on the surface of the wood – they eventually reduce the module’s effectiveness. 

So, if you’re considering purchasing a second-hand solar system, there are a few extremely crucial considerations. Let’s walk you through them!

  1. It is very important to check the product’s condition first. The longevity of solar panels is guaranteed to be at least 20 years. The less the previous owner used it, the more you could utilise a product.
  • – The efficiency is directly related to how much upkeep the previous owner performed. Thus, the guarantee hardly covers second-hand solar panels for mechanical or electrical repairs. Therefore, before making any purchasing decisions, find out from the former owner if they maintained the solar system well.
  • – It would help if you could calculate the typical energy output you’d need before looking for used solar panels for sale. You’ll save money and energy by selecting the appropriate type and size of system for your unique needs. After that, you can discuss the precise installation details with a qualified expert.

What are the Advantages of Used Solar Panels?

The advantages of solar energy outweigh its drawbacks – solar panels are no different. Let’s find out the most impressive benefits of having a solar system in the first place.

1. Savings on Electricity Costs

Doesn’t it sound fantastic to cut your electricity bill by 80%? What do you think? 

In any case, reduced electricity bills are the fundamental reason why people choose solar energy. 

However, the money you can save by purchasing solar panels depends on where you live because the panels need uninterrupted daylight to create sufficient electricity. 

If you live in an area that receives greater sunlight throughout the year, you will be at absolute profit from purchasing used solar panels too instead of installing new ones.

Whereas, if you live in a region with limited sunlight, you might not be able to cash in all the benefits of switching to solar by installing second-hand solar panels. In such cases, installing new modules is your best chance at saving lakhs of rupees.

Therefore, before investing in used solar panels, think about whether or not you can utilise them to their full potential.

2. No surprises, whatsoever!

You will never have to worry about a sudden surge in your electricity bills after installing high-quality, used solar panels. How? Well, because sunlight will always be available for free. 

Even the expenses for maintaining solar panels are modest. Consequently, your energy bills will be stable for a very long time as soon as you install a solar system.

Unlike the prices of commercial electricity which increase by at least 3% every year, solar power will give you no such surprises.   

Second-hand solar panels provide stability, assurance, and prospects for long-term cost savings, which matters significantly for domestic and commercial purposes.

3. Boost the Property Value

Solar panels not only provide a fantastic way to save money, but they also boost property value. 

Some homeowners believe that installing solar panels might lower the price of their homes because they look unattractive. But, that is not the case! 

Solar panels are the most visible component of a solar system. When they’re installed in the right way, having them on your rooftop will add to the sales value of your home.

Here’s on cookie tip:

In case you’re planning to buy a new property instead of selling: consider purchasing a home already equipped with solar panels. 

This way, you will not have to invest in the initial solar panel installment expenditures. It’s as good as buying used solar panels.

When shouldn’t you install used solar panels?

If you intend to sell your current property, installing used solar panels might not be ideal if you want to raise the property’s value. 

People consider second-hand solar panels, nobody would want a third-hand panel though. 

Disadvantages of Used Solar Panels

We could spend hours analysing and debating the advantages of used solar panels. Still, in some cases, it is just not practical to buy and install them. 

Let’s look at some primary disadvantages of switching to used solar panels.

1. Unqualified to receive the Feed-In Tariff

A unique subsidy provided by the government to promote renewable energy sources is the feed-in tariff. 

The feed-in tariff encourages people to invest in renewable energy sources by giving them a financial incentive or a tax break. 

This financial government aid is only available if you buy new solar panels. As a result, customers looking to purchase a used solar system are ineligible for the feed-in tariff. 

2. Shorter Life Span

Naturally, the lifespan of used solar panels is reduced and may vary based on how long the previous owner used them. 

Additionally, most solar modules have a specified lifespan of 20 to 25 years. Beyond this, the rate of degradation starts accelerating. It means, the solar system wouldn’t work at its peak capacity. 

So, does it mean used solar panels are no good – well, absolutely not? The rate of degradation is no more than 0.7%. Comparing it with electricity prices that increase by a minimum of 3% every year, investing in a used solar panel sounds like a pretty good deal. 


Several factors must be considered before buying as well as putting used solar panels for sale. Age, performance, and the condition of the solar panels are some of the vital factors. 

Purchasing used solar panels is undoubtedly risky, but if you research well before the purchase, you wouldn’t go wrong.


Q. What inquiries should I make before purchasing used solar panels?

The following are some crucial inquiries you just make:

  • – What is the purchase date of the solar system?
  • – Have the solar panels ever experienced any problems or defects?
  • – Is the system still under a warranty?
  • – What is the average power generation rate of the solar system?
Q. How do you determine the estimated prices of used solar panels?

The following are the variables that can determine the estimated cost of used solar panels.

  • – Dimension of the solar system
  • – Structure and type of the solar panels installed 
  • – Condition or state of the panels
  • – The brand the module belongs to

So, there’s no one price tag that you can put: all used solar panels for sale will have different rates.

Q. Why is the demand for second-hand solar panels rising?

The financial potential of reselling decommissioned solar panels has been recognised by many solar equipment brokers and installers. 

This is because a lot of people are willing to buy non-shattered panels and use them to avoid the exorbitant installation price of buying and installing new solar panels.