Top 5 Solar Power Generators: how To choose the best one?

A storm hits the city, and your solar energy system no longer receives sufficient sunlight. What can help you charge your mobile phone or to power an LED bulb in this situation? 

The answer is – a solar power generator!

Yes! A powerful solar-powered generator for home consists of in-built batteries which charge from the AC power from the solar panels. 

It doesn’t matter if you have an on-grid or an off-grid solar power system; harsh weather conditions can deprive you of power supply at unpredictable times.

But what exactly do you need to look for while buying solar-powered generators for home?

Let’s find out!

Factors to Consider While Buying a Portable Solar Generator

Before you purchase a solar-powered generator, consider the following factors:

  1. Power requirement

If you require a solar power generator to charge laptops or mobile phones, a low-power generator is suitable. 

However, you will need heavy-powered generators to run a cooler or a heater. To select a solar generator, you first need to determine your requirement.

  1. Capacity 

The measuring unit ‘Watts’ (W) reflects the capacity of a solar power generator. It translates to ‘watt hour’ or ‘Wh’ when applied to power usage. Measuring the power usage in this manner will help you determine the capacity of an ideal solar-powered generator for your needs.

  1. Capacity expandability

If you are uncertain about the power requirements, you must go for solar generators with expandable capacity. It is a factor that helps you know whether the solar generator comes with a potentially expandable power capacity.  

  1. Brand reputation

This is extremely important!

Reputed brands of a solar power generator assure quality and offer a good warranty for the same. This gives assurance about the reliability and performance of the product.

  1. Charging ports

Today, people keep and carry multiple electronic devices that require frequent recharging. To meet this requirement, you must select a solar power generator with various charging ports. 

  1. Charging speed

A portable solar generator generally charges at a low speed. However, some brands provide fast charging generators. If you want to save time charging your device, you must go for fast charging generators.

  1. Portability 

Size is another critical factor in choosing a solar power generator. It must be optimum to meet your specific power requirements.

Top 5 Solar Power Generators You Can Buy 

There are numerous brands that offer solar power generators. The biggest dilemma comes when you need to choose an ideal solar-powered generator for home.

Don’t worry! Here is a list of the best solar power generators for your convenience.

Let’s look at them one by one!

  1. BLUETT AC 300

This is the latest and most advanced solar-powered generator for home by BLUETTI. It offers the following features:

  • – It has a modular design for convenient handling.
  • – This generator comes with the second largest pure sine wave inverter with a power surge capacity of 6000 watts.
  • – The double MPPT of this generator is compatible with solar panels of 1200 watts.
  • – It has a detachable battery with a 3072 Wh capacity. Moreover, you can extend it to 12,888 Wh by attaching 1+3 batteries.
  1. EP500 pro

This is one of the best options if you want a solar power generator of large size MPPT. 

  • – Again, if you are looking for a solar power generator with the maximum number of output ports, then this one should be ideal! It has 18 output ports.
  • – The output ports of this generator include two wireless charging pads.
  • – It also provides a 30A RV port, 100 W USB-C port, three 240V AC ports, and four 120V AC ports.
  • – It is one of the best generators with an AC input capacity of 600 watts and a 2,400 W PV input capacity.
  • – This generator has an in-built battery of 5,100 Wh capacity, which is optimum to power a house for nearly 3 to 5 hours.
  • – With solar panel attachment, it can give 7 to 15 hours of power backup.
  1. EcoFlow Delta Pro

EcoFlow is a reputed brand for providing high-quality solar power generator products. Delta Pro is known to offer the following features:

  • – The in-built battery of this generator has a capacity of 3,600 Wh, and you can expand it up to 10,800 Wh.
  • – It has two detachable batteries of 3,600 Wh capacity.
  • – It is ideal for power-heavy appliances as its 3,600 W inverter comes with a 7,200 W surge capacity.
  • – The expandable battery capacity of this generator is ideal for powering the whole house for up to 10 hours.
  1. Goal Zero Yeti6000X

This solar power generator comes loaded with the following features:

  • – It is designed with a cart to facilitate convenient handling.
  • – The converter of this generator has an AC input size of 600W.
  • – Its MPPT size is large enough to connect with solar panels of 1200 watts capacity.
  • – Its 6,071 battery is capable of powering the whole house for up to 6 hours.
  • – This generator has 11 output ports for connecting and charging electrical home appliances.
  1. Renogy Lycan Powerbox

This power generator is one of the best portable solar generator options for domestic applications. It offers the following benefits to users:

  • – It offers an output power capacity of 1200W.
  • – The heavy-duty wheels and easy-grip handle of this generator enhance portability.
  • – It provides a power supply of 1075 Wh without fumes or noise.
  • – The large LCD of this generator provides clear power status for better power management.
  • – The intuitive control allows users to switch between DC and AC power according to requirements.
  • – It has multiple USB ports, which include 12V charging ports.


A solar power generator is an essential component of your solar power system. You can count on it in case of unfavourable weather conditions that limit electricity generation from solar panels. 

Many reputed sellers provide proper guidance to their customers in making the best purchase decision. However, you must determine your power requirements to select the best power generator. 

We hope this article is helpful in understanding the crucial factors you need to consider before buying a generator.


Q. What are the maximum years a solar power generator lasts?

The longevity of a generator varies with manufacturers. However, most advanced power generators last up to 25 years. 

In addition, proper care and maintenance also influence their durability.

Q. Can solar-powered generators for home run a refrigerator?

Many good-quality powerful generators are suitable to power refrigerators. 

However, in such a case, it is recommended to determine factors like the output capacity of the generator, wattage of the fridge, and extendable power of your generator.

Q. Do power generators for solar panels require frequent maintenance?

The maintenance of a power generator depends on its place of installation. 

If they are kept in a shed, users need to follow monthly maintenance consisting of dusting, removal of cobwebs, and moisture, using anti-corrosion paints, and checking wire connections.