Solar Home Lighting System In India (2022): Price & Application

A solar home lighting system is a sustainable alternative to standard lighting systems. It is suitable for areas where standard lighting systems cannot reach, such as remote rural and urban areas. 

India’s geographic location provides 300 sunny days on average. Solar lighting, unlike traditional lighting, relies on sunlight. Therefore, solar lighting is a practical solution. Moreover, solar home lighting systems are a cost-effective and economical way to save on electricity costs and reduce the carbon footprint. 

What Are The Main Advantages of Using Solar Home Lighting Systems?

Advantages of using solar home lighting
Advantages of using solar home lighting

Solar home lighting systems have witnessed incredible growth in rural and urban areas over the past few years, owing to increased awareness regarding carbon footprint and environmental pollution caused by electricity generation. As a result, people are more willing to introduce newer and more environment-friendly options daily. 

However, as per experts, solar lighting is prevalent in rural areas mainly due to the lack of electricity and their economic value rather than their green benefits.

The main advantages of using solar home lighting are-

  • Solar-powered lights are 20 times brighter than regular kerosene lamps.
  • Solar-powered lights are safe for the environment and do not pose a health hazard to the users.
  • Solar lights do not cause accidents or any respiratory diseases. 
  • They’re easily portable and lightweight. 
  • A home solar light with a battery can last up to 5000 cycles on average. Therefore, they seldom need maintenance and replacing.

Features of Solar Home Lighting Systems

The solar home lighting system’s dependency on sunlight makes it a viable solution in India. Home light systems have several distinctive features, such as:

  • Components – Solar home lighting systems come with a complete set of components like solar cells, a charge controller, a solar battery, and the main lighting system, including lamps. 
  • Battery Charging Rate – Solar home lighting systems run on solar energy stored in the solar battery. The solar batteries have a fast charging rate despite their small size. 
  • Multiple Options Available – There are four solar home lighting systems with different capacities: 18W, 20W, 30W, and 75W.
  • In-built Protection – All solar home lighting systems have in-built over-voltage protection and low battery cut-off to prevent damage.
  • Compact Size – Solar home lighting systems are compact. They can be easily installed on the rooftop or any other place which receives the maximum sunlight. 

Application of Solar Home Lighting Systems

The compact setup of solar home lighting systems allows for diverse domestic applications. Some of the most common applications are:

  • Indoor Lighting – The primary application of solar home lighting systems is powering indoor lighting. The battery used in the solar lighting system can power CFL and LED lamps. A Solar lighting system with a high-capacity battery can easily light 9-watt lamps or bulbs for extended periods.
  • Outdoor Lighting – Apart from indoor lighting, users can install solar home lighting systems for outdoor lighting. Moreover, the light system is suitable for illuminating roadways, crossings, and highways.
  • Powering Small Appliances – Solar home lighting systems include a battery that can store enough energy to power table fans.
  • Charging Portable Devices – Installing solar light with a battery for a home can serve some other purposes besides the lighting. For example, the solar battery included in the light system is useful for charging devices like mobile phones.

18W Solar Home Lighting System – Specifications & Price

The 18W solar home lighting system is the most basic lighting system with the lowest capacity. This system is suitable for lighting a CFL lamp and powering a table fan. 

In addition, the 18W lighting system can give a 6-hour backup when the solar battery is fully charged. Due to its compact size, the 18W lighting system is suitable for indoor applications. This system typically comes with the following components: control electronics, a battery box, module mounting hardware, interconnecting wires or cables, and switches.

  • Solar PV Module Capacity – 18W
  • Compatible Lamp – 9W-11W CFL
  • Battery – 12V
  • Solar Battery Capacity – 20 AH
  • Type of Solar Battery – Tubular plate Lead-Acid or VRLA Gel
Price of an 18W Solar Home Lighting System

The price of an 18W solar lighting system for a home varies across India. However, most 18W solar lighting systems cost around Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 8,000. 

20W Solar Home Lighting System – Specifications & Price

20W solar lighting systems for domestic use are suitable for multiple purposes. These 20W lighting systems can power LED lamps and a table fan while simultaneously charging a mobile phone. 

These solar home lighting systems offer a maximum battery backup of 6 hours during moderate use. However, the battery backup is slightly lower when using the battery for multiple purposes simultaneously. 

Users can fully recharge the solar battery of this lighting system within 6 hours. Therefore, the 20W Solar Lighting System for homes is sufficient for regular use.

  • Solar PV Module Capacity – 20W
  • Compatible Lamp – 2 x 3 watt LED
  • Solar Battery – 2 x 7.2 AH
  • Type of Battery – Tubular plate Lead-Acid
  • Mobile Charger – 1
  • Charging Time – 6 hours
  • Backup Time – 4 hours
Price of a 20W Solar Home Lighting System

The price range for 20W solar lighting systems for domestic purposes is Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 13,000.

30W Solar Home Lighting System – Specifications & Price

The 30W solar lighting system is equally suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. This solar home lighting system is made for medium size homes. 

It primarily finds its application in tasks like powering multiple small-size table fans and LED lamps. The solar battery of the 30W lighting system comes with adequate protection to cope with overvoltages. Therefore, it is applicable for outdoor lighting as well. 

This 30W solar lighting system can support moderate yard or garden lighting and even street lights. A tall tubular lead-acid solar battery powers the 30W solar lighting system. This kind of lead-acid solar battery is cost-effective and easy to maintain.

  • Solar PV Module – 30W
  • Compatible Lamp – 2 x 9 watt LED
  • Solar Battery Capacity – 40 AH
  • Charging Options – AC/DC
Price of a 30W Solar Home Lighting System

The 30W solar lighting system price range is roughly around Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 17,000. 

75W Solar Home Lighting System – Specifications & Price

The 75W solar home lighting system is a high-capacity system, ideal for medium houses. It suits both indoor and outdoor applications. Furthermore, this lighting system is suitable for use as a street light. 

Despite its high capacity, the 75W solar home lighting system is compact and light, making installation easy. Moreover, it is a low-maintenance system. The lead-acid solar battery running the lighting system can last around 5-7 years. Like most high-power solar home lighting systems, the 75W lighting system has AC and DC charging options. 

  • Solar PV Module – 75W
  • Inverter with Solar Charge Controller – 300VA
  • Solar Battery Capacity – 40 AH
  • Type of Battery – Lead-acid
Price of a 75W Solar Home Lighting System

The cost of a 75W solar lighting system can range from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 25,000 depending on the components included in the system. Although 75W solar lighting systems are expensive, they are cost-efficient and require minimal maintenance.


One of the biggest advantages of solar lights is that they are self-sustainable units and cause less pollution. In addition, solar lights do not require manual intervention and operate automatically. 

Moreover, solar lights don’t depend on the grid to get charged. As a result, users can employ these lights in various areas, including rural spaces with inadequate electric supply and emergency lighting systems. 


Q. Are solar lights a cost-effective solution to fight electricity woes?

Solar lights are a better option because of their low installation and maintenance costs. Users do not have to incur heavy electricity bills each month as they are dependent on sunlight. In addition, these lights do not depend on grids and require no heavy-duty installation tools. 

Q. What is the solar light for home price in India?

Solar lights for a home can cost as low as Rs. 5,000, going up to Rs. 25,000. The price of a solar light changes according to the location and capacity.

Q. Can we use a solar-powered home lighting system for outdoor applications?

Only 30W and 75W solar-powered home lighting systems are suitable for outdoor applications. Moreover, they are suitable for solar street lighting too.