Solar battery 150ah price: What is a 150 ah solar battery?

Are you wondering whether to buy a 150ah solar battery or not? This guide will tell you everything about a 150ah battery, solar battery 150ah price, and more. 

A 150ah battery is ideal for commercial use. There are two types of solar batteries available in the market based on the manufacturing material: Tall tubular and lithium-ion solar batteries. 

The tall tubular, also known as lead-acid batteries, have a tube-like structure and are used for solar duty cycles. These batteries provide consistent power during operation. 

Lithium-ion solar batteries are pretty advanced and have better features than lead-acid batteries. Due to new technological innovations, these batteries will soon replace the latter.    

Keep reading to learn more about a 150 ah solar battery.

Features of a 150 ah Solar Battery 

Since lithium-ion batteries are not widely used, we’ll talk about the features of the 150 Ah lead-acid solar batteries. 

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  • – As discussed above, lead-acid solar batteries have a tubular shape, permitting a steady flow of energy. 
  • – These batteries are easy to maintain. Hence, no additional maintenance charges are required. 
  • – You can carry or transport these batteries to different locations as they are lightweight. 
  • – The batteries are valid for solar panels’ duty cycle. The solar system follows a specific operational pattern. During the daytime, the panels provide energy to run the appliances, and charge the battery. Thus, the batteries are not utilised during the daytime, and provide the stored charge to the house during the night. 

Specifications of 150ah Solar Battery 

There’s a lot of curiosity about solar battery 150ah price, but before discussing that, let’s discuss the product specifications of these batteries. 

  • – The maximum charge current of a 150 ah solar battery is 15 amperes
  • – The voltage of a 150ah solar battery is 12V
  • – The capacity of a 150ah solar battery is 150 ah

Now that you know about the specifications of a 150ah solar battery, let’s learn about the solar battery 150ah price in the next segment. 

Solar Battery 150ah Price Details: Things you should know

The solar battery 150ah price depends on the type of battery you wish to purchase. 

The price of a 150ah lead-acid solar battery is Rs. 14,499.

On the other hand, since lithium-ion batteries have more features and are more advanced than lead-acid batteries, they are 2.5 times more expensive than the lead-acid batteries. 

Hence, a 150ah lithium-ion solar battery is Rs. 36,000.

However, as technology advances, the lithium-ion solar battery 150ah price is expected to subside.

Types of Solar Batteries

1] Tall Tubular Solar Battery 

Now, let’s have a more elaborate discussion on tall tubular solar batteries. As previously mentioned, these batteries are also known as lead-acid batteries. 

They are the traditional form of solar batteries and are ideal for solar panels’ duty cycle. 

Furthermore, they are easy to maintain, lightweight and can be carried to other destinations. Additionally, the lead-acid solar battery 150ah price is reasonable. 

If you’re planning to purchase tall tubular solar batteries, you can consider getting them from the following top brands.

ExideHeadquarters: KolkataEstablishment Date: January 31, 1947Number Of Branches: 7
LuminousHeadquarters: DelhiEstablishment Date: June 10, 1988Number Of Branches: 7 manufacturing units
Amara rajaHeadquarters: TirupatiEstablishment Date: February 1985Number Of Branches: 21 cities
OkayaHeadquarters: NalagarhEstablishment Date: 1988Number Of Branches: 150 service centres
HBL power system limitedHeadquarters: HyderabadEstablishment Date: 1986Number Of Branches: 18 
LentoHeadquarters: DelhiEstablishment Date: 2015Number Of Branches: 4

2] Lithium-Ion Solar Battery 

Now, let’s talk about the next generation of batteries: lithium-ion solar batteries. 

These batteries have the most advanced features and are 2.5 times costlier than tall tubular solar batteries. However, they deliver better performance and will replace the tall tubular solar batteries in the near future. 

If you want to invest in lithium-ion solar batteries, you can consider purchasing them from the below-specified brands.

LuminousHeadquarters: DelhiEstablishment Date: June 10, 1988Number Of Branches: 7 manufacturing units
Amara rajaHeadquarters: TirupatiEstablishment Date: February 1985Number Of Branches: 21 cities
Reliance EVHeadquarters: MumbaiEstablishment Date: February 8, 2013Number Of Branches: 4 Giga factories
Mahindra EVHeadquarters: BangaloreEstablishment Date: 1994Number Of Branches: 26
Hyundai EVHeadquarters: South KoreaEstablishment Date: 6 May 1996Number Of Branches: 555 dealers
Ola EVHeadquarters: BengaluruEstablishment Date: 2017Number Of Branches: 20

Differences between Lead Acid and Lithium Ion Batteries 

The solar battery 150ah price and efficiency factors make the lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries different. The following table shows the other differentiating factors between these two types.

Lead-Acid Solar BatteriesLithium-Ion Solar Batteries
A chemical reaction occursAn electrochemical reaction occurs
Comparatively bigger in sizeSmall in size
Releases hydrogen which is quite flammableDoes not release hydrogen
Has a warranty of 3-5 yearsHas a warranty of 7-8 years 
Depth of discharge rate – 1200 cyclesDepth of discharge rate – 10,000 cycles

How to Choose a Solar Battery? 

If you’re planning to buy a solar battery, you might wonder how to select the right one. Check out the following features to make the right purchase. 

  • – Check the price of the chosen solar battery, and purchase the right one based on your budget. 
  • – Notice the safety features of the battery. 
  • – Check the warranty period of the batteries as well. Buy the ones with the highest warranty period. 
  • – Understand the power rating of the solar battery. 
  • – Knowing the capacity rate is also essential to choose the right solar battery.
  • – Decide the features of different battery types before finalising your order. 
  • – Finally, check the round-trip efficiency of the battery.  

Advantages of 150 ah Solar Battery 

The benefits of installing a 150 ah lead-acid solar battery include –

  • – The discharge rate is significantly low.
  • – They can be found in different sizes. 
  • – The lead-acid solar batteries are more efficient than the 40 ah batteries. 
  • – With more capacity, the solar battery 150ah price for maintenance becomes reasonable. 

Lithium-ion batteries are not widely used due to the price factor. They are expensive compared to lead-acid batteries. 


Lithium-ion solar batteries are better in terms of efficiency, yet lead-acid ones are widely used. The solar battery 150ah price for lead-acid batteries is comparatively affordable, making these batteries scalable. 

It is expected that the lithium-ion solar batteries will replace the lead-acid batteries in the near future. If you’re planning to purchase a solar battery at affordable prices, you can consider buying the lead-acid variants.


Q. What are the two types of solar batteries available in the market?

The two types of solar batteries available in the market are lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries. 

Q. Is lead-acid solar battery 150ah price lower than lithium-ion batteries?

Yes, the lead-acid solar battery 150ah price is a lot less than lithium-ion batteries. The former is priced at Rs. 14,499, while the latter will cost approximately Rs. 36,000.

Q. Is it worth purchasing 150 ah lithium-ion solar batteries?

Although lithium-ion batteries are costly, they will completely replace the lead-acid batteries within the next 5 years. So, buying them for commercial purposes is absolutely worth the price.