Everything You Need To Know About Solar Panel Price In India

A rooftop solar system is used in houses to generate electricity from the sunlight. It works by absorbing energy from the sun’s rays and converting it into electrical energy. That electrical energy is used for charging household appliances. 

Since the source is sunlight, the energy is easily accessible in abundant quantities. However, the components, maintenance, and installation cost for all panels differ. All these factors contribute to the total price of solar panel in India. 

Intrigued? Let’s engage you in this delightful read that’ll enlighten you about all the factors associated with the price of a solar panel in India, and more. Dive in for details!

Average Price Of 1kW Solar Panels 

A 1kW solar system is expected to range anywhere between Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 44,000 based on the model and the type. 

Although solar panels can help you save money after a one-time investment, the installation price of solar panel in India differs. 

The price of solar panel in India might start from Rs. 32,000 and can even extend up to Rs. 44,000 (or more), depending on the features of the specific model. 

The Average Monocrystalline Solar Panel Price

Monocrystalline solar panels are made of single-crystalline cells. Pure silicon cells are included in their making. Therefore, these solar panels are more expensive than the average price of solar panel in India. 

Here is an expected monocrystalline solar palet price list based on a watt basis. 

Solar Panel ModelExpected Price Per Watt
50 Watt Solar PanelRs.38
100 Watt Solar PanelRs.37
150 Watt Solar PanelRs.36
200 Watt Solar PanelRs.35
250 Watt Solar PanelRs.34
300 Watt Solar PanelRs.33
350 Watt Solar PanelRs.33
370 Watt Solar PanelRs.32
440 Watt Solar PanelRs.32
450 Watt Solar PanelRs.31
480 Watt Solar PanelRs.31
500 Watt Solar PanelRs.30
530 Watt Solar PanelRs.30
550 Watt Solar PanelRs.30

The Average Bifacial Solar Panel Price

Bifacial solar panels have monocrystalline solar cells. They can extract energy from the sun rays from both front and rear sides. 

The bifacial solar price per watt depends on the brand, capacity, and type. Generally, the average cost per watt is expected to be Rs. 22. 

If the power fluctuates, the price of solar panel in India can increase. Customers must contact the manufacturer to know the exact price of their preferred model.

The Average Polycrystalline Solar Panel Price

The polycrystalline solar panels have small shards in their composition. This is why they are less efficient than the aforementioned solar panels. However, they are also cheaper than the rest. 

The below-mentioned table shows the approximate polycrystalline solar power price for each panel. 

Polycrystalline Solar Panels (Expected Price Range)
$250 – $300 (Rs. 19,769 – Rs. 23,723)$450 – $595 (Rs. 35,585 – Rs. 47,051)$760 – $880 (Rs. 66,099 – Rs. 69,588)

Factors Affecting The Cost of Solar Panels 

Several variables are taken into account when calculating 1 solar panel price. Undoubtedly, the type of material and manufacturing technology influences the price of solar panel in India. 

It does not, however, apply only to model types. The additional elements that significantly impact the overall price of solar panels in India are as follows.

  • Roof Type – There are different roofing materials available in the market. The price of solar panel in India can alter depending on the roof type or the material installed. A manufacturer might charge more for specific roofing materials. 
  • Roof Age – If the roof is old and needs repairing, it is better to make the amends that the solar consultant suggests. This will increase the installation price but it will also keep your solar system in perfect shape for a long, long time.  
  • Cost Of License – Different regions have different regulations for installing solar panels. While one area might require an average price for solar panel installation, the other might ask for more. 
  • Tax Incentives – Taxes can be charged for installation in specific areas. This can increase the price of solar panel in India.  
  • – Brand – The brand type can also affect the price. If you purchase a solar panel from a reputed brand, the solar system will likely be more expensive than others. 
  • Market Value – If there is a demand for a specific model in the market, the price of solar panel in India for that model might surge.


As mentioned above, many factors come into play when deciding the price of solar panel in India. 

Remember that the more efficient a solar panel is, the higher the price will be. So, choose a panel wisely to make the right investment. 

PS: The prices of Solar panels are never the same. They keep changing. Hence, the prices of solar systems keep changing too. Always confirm the pricing with your EPC solar installation company.


Q1. What is the price of a 2kW solar panel in India?

The price of a 2kW solar system is expected to be Rs. 1,99,000. However, the range will always vary from company to company and brand to brand.

Q2. Is a 10kW solar panel enough to run a house?

Yes, a 10kW solar system is more than enough to run a house with four members. Most Indian households can even run on a 3 KW solar system. 

However, a low price solar panel won’t give the same performance as a high-quality solar panel. 

Even the type of material a solar panel is made of and the manufacturing technique matters a lot. 

Q3. Can I reduce the cost of the solar panel?

No, you cannot reduce the price of solar panel in India. However, you will have the option to purchase a solar system that’s within your budget. 

You can also opt for EMI financing solutions ( that is, if your solar installation company offers such exclusive options).