Top 9 Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers in India

Lithium-ion batteries come with an outstanding level of performance. Their durability, longevity, and high compatibility make them an ideal choice for solar panels. Moreover, their high energy density and lightweight make them suitable for a range of portable consumer devices. 

Although they’re low-maintenance, the reason that they’re yet not as scalable as they should be is their cost – li-ion batteries are 2.5 times costlier than lead-acid batteries. Nevertheless, their benefits are beyond brilliant which is why lithium ion battery manufacturers in India and across the globe are working rigorously to reduce the cost of these batteries. 

In fact, the prices have come down drastically in comparison to what they were a decade ago. 

Want to learn more about lithium ion batteries and the best lithium battery manufacturers in India? If so, give in.

How Does a Lithium-Ion Battery Work?

The li ion battery manufacturers in India provide lithium-ion batteries with lithium cells, batteries, positive and negative electrodes, electrolytes and separators. These batteries are designed to provide power and are rechargeable. Their rechargeable feature contributes largely to their success. 

Lithium batteries consist of several cells, and each cell contains two electrodes (cathode and anode), an electrolyte, and a separator. The separator physically separates the two electrodes. The anode of one li-ion cell stays connected to the cathode of another cell to form a lithium battery. 

Top 9 Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturers in India 

Wondering what company to choose for purchasing a lithium-ion battery? We have made it simpler for you. 

The top nine reliable lithium battery manufacturers in India have been tabulated below. Have a look!

Amara Raja Batteries Ltd.The Amara Raja multinational company is among the top conglomerates comprising seven businesses. Their part, Amara Raja Batteries Limited, is associated with battery production. The company manufactures lead-acid batteries and recently launched lithium cells and battery packs as well. They focus on large-scale production for automobiles and heavy electronic applicability.
HBL Power Systems LimitedWith more than 30 years of expertise, the company is a merger based in India and one of the best lithium ion battery manufacturers in India. Sharing technology and knowledge with foreign companies, they provide value-based products. The company manufactures lithium-ion batteries for medical equipment, drones and other equipment.
Luminous Power Technologies Pvt. LtdLuminous Power Technologies Pvt. Ltd., one of the lithium manufacturers in India, has been established for 27 years and is known for equipment like inverter batteries, solar applications and home UPS. With a wide presence in multiple countries, they acknowledge the potential of lithium-ion batteries. 
Su-Kam Power SystemsSu-Kam is one of the most established multinational Li ion battery manufacturers in India. They launched LED inverter bulbs years ago. 
OKAYA-battery manufacturer CompanyOkaya is a brand name manufacturing Tubular batteries for inverter and solar systems, SMF batteries, and E-rickshaw batteries. It is also counted among the biggest players of lithium ion battery manufacturers in India. They produce Lithium ferrous phosphate and lithium-ion batteries.
Evolute Solutions Private LimitedEstablished forty years ago, they are one of the legacy lithium ion battery manufacturers in India. They develop battery packs with both traditional lithium-ion and advanced lithium ferrous phosphate batteries. 
Future Hi-Tech Lithium Ion Battery ManufacturersFuture Hi-Tech is considered the most promising and progressive among the lithium battery manufacturers in India. They are the first lithium battery manufacturers producing solar street light batteries, electric vehicle lithium batteries, and battery packs with advanced lithium technology, including BMS with SMBUS.
EON electrical Pvt. Ltd.Eon Electric established the first plant for lithium-ion batteries in 2012. Progressing since then, they now provide custom-made lithium-ion packs that make them one of the best lithium ion battery manufacturers in India.
Southern Batteries Pvt. Ltd.After being set up in the 80s, they are one of the most reliable lithium manufacturers in India. Along with lead-acid batteries, they manufacture UPS and telecommunication devices.

Benefits of Using Lithium-ion Battery 

Now that you know the best lithium ion battery manufacturers in India, let’s help you learn the perks of using these batteries. 

  1. They have low maintenance costs owing to the inability to open them. 
  2. Lithium-ion batteries charge faster. They acquire 50% charging within 30 minutes. Moreover, they have a 100% charging capacity, unlike other batteries that have a low charging capacity, only up to 70%.  
  3. They offer high battery life by providing around 1500 to 2000 charging and discharging cycles. 
  4. These batteries weigh thrice less than competitor standard lead-acid batteries. 
  5. They provide safety to the users by no gas production during charging and discharging. 
  6. Their efficient lifecycle makes them suitable for solar energy systems. 
  7. The C-rating is significantly low.
  8. They are compact and; thus, take up less space. 

Tips for Choosing the Right Lithium Battery 

The choice of the right lithium battery is specific and depends on individual requirements. The top Li ion battery manufacturers in India recommend the following four factors that you must consider while making a decision: 

  1. Your power requirements
  2. The charging rate of the battery
  3. The lifespan of the battery
  4. An optimal temperature that the battery would be operated in

Additionally, customers must also consider the following specifications of a lithium-ion battery: 

  1. The manufacturing technology
  2. Backup time
  3. Charger and inverter compatibility

You must understand that the applicability of these batteries plays a major role. For instance, you might require a lithium ion battery that serves for longer durations when you have to use it in equipment. However, if you are using it at home, charging may not be a matter of priority. 

Besides, battery lifespan should also be known beforehand to adjust the needs accordingly. Further, do remember to select the top lithium ion battery company in India for originality and longer warranty. 

Industry Highlights of Lithium Battery in 2024 

Lithium ion battery manufacturers in India employ various technologies to provide lithium-ion batteries with better performance, efficiency, and charging time options. 

The prismatic cell is the superior type of lithium cell, finding applications in portable devices. Additionally, prismatic cells can be found in operating vehicles and energy storage systems. 

The year 2022 witnessed three technologies in lithium batteries:

  • – Lithium-ion
  • – Lithium phosphate 
  • – Lithium polymer

Lithium-ion is the oldest, while lithium-polymer is the advanced version. 

The current price range of lithium ion batteries lies between INR 2250 to INR 1,50,000. Lithium ion battery manufacturers in India have been making attempts to reduce the cost further.


With numerous benefits in terms of high charging speed, longevity, performance and durability, lithium-ion batteries have only one limitation– their price. 

As per the data from lithium ion battery manufacturers in India, the demand for these batteries is increasing, and their strong performance will further accelerate their widespread consumption, which will lower the price for residential and commercial applications. As a lithium battery causes little harm at its disposal, it is one of the most promising options in today’s scenario.

Consider the above-mentioned lithium ion battery manufacturers in India and pick the best.


1. What do I need to know about lithium-ion batteries?

Lithium ion batteries have the following characteristic properties: lightweight and high energy density. These features make them suitable for electric current generation. They can be easily packed into smaller units, increasing portability. 

2. How long can lithium batteries be stored?

The lithium ion battery manufacturers in India suggest room temperature for optimum function and storage. Moreover, when kept below 50% relative humidity, they can be stored for up to 10 years at a moderate capacity loss.

3. Can all lithium batteries be charged?

Lithium batteries come in two forms: rechargeable and non-rechargeable. The rechargeable lithium-ion batteries can be used multiple times.