From Chaos to Clarity: What Mumbai’s Storm Teaches Us About India’s Unorganised Solar Market

The recent dust storm that swept through Mumbai wreaked havoc across the city. The intensity of the rains and gusty winds caused significant damage to infrastructure, including numerous solar panel installations, which were seen flying off rooftops. 

The devastation caused within that hour and a half is a testament to the unpredictability of weather conditions due to climate change which is now becoming a common phenomenon. Further, it was a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities within our urban infrastructure. 

Mumbai’s storm on May 13th had a wind speed of only 75 kmph, which is relatively moderate. At a bare minimum, every system should be able to withstand such conditions. Additionally, a solar rooftop system is an investment with a minimum lifespan of 25 years. Hence the current systems installed must withstand conditions prevalent over the next 25 years considering the rapid pace of climate change.

Yet, even with minimum windspeeds, many solar systems failed, their panels torn from rooftops, leading to the loss of lives and hard-earned money. This event exposes the harsh realities of the unorganised solar market in India. 

It further underscores the critical need for regulation and higher standards to ensure the reliability and safety of solar system solutions.

The Unorganised Solar Market – A Harsh Reality

The solar market in India is booming, but it remains largely unorganised, leading to various issues that undermine its potential. 

Low-quality installations and subpar materials 

This situation is alarmingly common, often resulting in ill-equipped systems that fail in extreme weather conditions. The recent dust storm highlighted these deficiencies starkly.

Myths and Misconceptions

Many consumers are misled to believe that all solar panels and installations are created equal, unaware of the vast differences in quality, durability, and performance. This misinformation often leads to poor decision-making, leaving homeowners with installations prone to failure.

Inadequate After-Sales Service and Maintenance

Proper maintenance and after-sales service is crucial for the longevity and efficiency of solar installations. Unfortunately, many providers fail to offer adequate support, leaving customers without the necessary resources to maintain their systems. 

This oversight shortens the lifespan of the installations and consumers lose their faith and trust in solar energy as a viable solution.

Unreliable Installers and Cheap Materials

The market has many fly-by-night installers and “side businessmen” who prioritise quick profits over quality. These providers often lack the necessary expertise on solar installations and use cheap materials and outdated technology, resulting in unsafe and unreliable solar systems. The dust storm exposed the fragility of such systems, as many installations crumbled under stress, further damaging the reputation of solar energy.

Our Purpose of Engineering India’s Safest Solar Installation for Families

Considering these issues, SolarSquare has been providing comprehensive and high-quality solar solutions which address every aspect of the solar installation process. From design and engineering to installation and maintenance, we review every aspect to ensure the highest standards at every stage.

Proprietary Technology: WindPro MountTM 2.0

At the heart of our approach is Intelligent WindPro MountTM 2.0. This innovative module mounting structure is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, including high winds and dust storms, ensuring that our installations remain secure and operational regardless of the circumstances. 

Intelligent WindPro MountTM 2.0 is aerodynamically designed to withstand extreme rooftop windspeeds and is designed and certified by IIT Bombay engineers, reflecting its superior engineering and reliability.

High-Quality Installations and Materials

We source our steel from reputable suppliers like JSW, TATA, and SR, and apply advanced coatings to prevent rust and corrosion. This commitment to quality ensures that our systems are built to last, providing customers with a reliable energy source for decades.

Rigorous Standards and Customer Service

We understand that a solar installation is a significant investment, and we strive to support our customers throughout the lifespan of their systems. From comprehensive warranties to responsive maintenance services, SolarSquare prioritises customer satisfaction and safety.

Your Safety is Our Obsession, No Question Asked

By addressing the flaws in the current market and emphasising quality, innovation, and customer trust, we can drive the industry forward and ensure that solar energy remains a reliable and sustainable solution.