A detailed guide on 6V Solar Panel: Features, Applications, Benefits, and More

If you want to begin your solar journey, a 6-volt solar panel can be a good choice. This solar panel is small in size, and thus, you can carry it anywhere. 

So whenever your phone runs out of charge, you can quickly connect your mobile charger to the 6-volt solar panel and power up your phone. 

It is a portable device that is easy and convenient to use. Besides, due to its small size, the panel comes at a more affordable price than other solar panels. 

Intrigued to know more about a 6V solar panel? If yes, let’s find out why a 6v solar panel is worth purchasing.  

Product Details of a 6 Volt Solar Panel 

To begin with, it is important to understand the specifications of a 6V solar panel. 

Generally, solar panels with high voltage generation capacity are required for operating fans, lights, air conditioners, refrigerators, and other household appliances. However, a 6-volt solar panel is small and cannot power up the lights at home. 

Since this solar panel generates only 6 volts of electricity, it may not be used for residential installations

It is suitable only to run small appliances such as CCTV cameras. Besides, you can also use this solar panel to charge other appliances with motion sensors. 

Let’s now learn about the distinct features of a 6-volt solar panel. 

Features and Applications of a 6V Solar Panel 

Let’s begin with the features. 

  • – You can carry this solar panel and charge your mobile phones, power bank, etc., whenever required. 
  • – Due to the small size, this solar panel is light in weight.
  • – The design is simple since no complex components are used in the manufacturing of this solar panel. This makes the solar panel convenient to use and maintain for a long time.

Now let’s check the different applications of a 6V solar panel. 

  • – You can use this solar panel to charge the power banks that operate from solar energy. 
  • – As discussed earlier, it is also ideal for powering mobile phones. 
  • – This solar panel is a good choice if you want to power your laptop on the go. 
  • – You can also operate solar street lamps with a 6V solar panel.
  • – It is appropriate for all sorts of low-voltage devices. 
  • – It can power up IoT devices. 
  • – A 6V solar panel can even charge Alexa. 
  • – You can also run security cameras through this mini solar panel.

Benefits of Using a 6V Solar Panel 

We’ll now discuss the advantages of using a 6-volt solar panel. Unlike the electric power banks, this solar panel is not dependent on power points. Instead, it absorbs the energy from the sunlight to charge the appliances.

So, if you need to power up the mobile or laptop, you can place the panel under the sunlight and let it convert sunlight into usable energy. 

Since a 6-volt panel always comes with a kit, the solar charge controller will convert DC power from the panel into AC power. 

You can then connect your devices to the panel, and through the usable energy, you can charge the device. 

Here’s what makes a 6-volt solar panel more efficient than an electric power bank. 

Electric Power Bank6V Solar Panel
A plug point is needed to operateA plug point is unnecessary to function
If the electric power bank’s battery runs out of charge, it’ll need a plug point to recharge If the solar power bank’s battery runs out of charge, you can place the solar panel under the sun to collect energy. Then, you can use this energy to charge the battery
It is cheaper than a 6V solar panelIt is 40% more expensive than an electric power bank. However, it provides value for money. Hence, absolutely worth the price 

Difference between a 6 Volt & 24V Solar Panels 

Well, the primary difference between a 6-volt and a 24-volt solar panel is that the latter can charge higher load devices than the former. 

  • – The 24V solar panel can charge the street lights. However, the 6-volt panel can charge only very small devices with motor sensors. 
  • – While the 24V solar panel can power the entire house for a limited time, the 6-volt solar panel cannot charge the house. 

A 6V solar panel is effective only for small-load devices like laptops, mobile phones, CCTV cameras, motion sensor devices, solar power banks, and solar street lights.   

So, if you want to charge small load devices on the go, a 6V solar panel is what you should invest in. 


While the plug points might not be available everywhere, solar power is. Additionally, taking energy from solar power is efficient and cost-effective. 

So, if you want to have access to energy while moving to some other place or during your tour, a 6V solar panel can be beneficial for your needs. 

Since it is compact, it won’t take up much space in your luggage, and you’ll be able to charge the device as and when needed. 

As for the question of the subsidy that the government offers on the installation of rooftop solar panels, no subsidy is offered for a 6V solar system. 


Q. Can a 6V solar panel charge security cameras?

Yes, it can. As security cameras require less voltage power to get charged, they can be powered up by a 6-volt solar panel. 

Q. How can I use a 6V solar panel?

To use the solar panel, you must place the panels under the sunlight. The panels will absorb the sun’s rays and convert them into alternating energy. 

You can then attach your device to the solar panels and let it charge under the sun. 

Q. Is a 6V solar panel affordable?

Yes, a 6-volt solar panel offers 6 volts of electricity and comes at an affordable price. Besides, it is worth buying!