All You Need to Know About 3kw solar panel price in rajasthan with subsidy

It is true that solar energy is free to access and use. But, the setup required to generate electricity requires an initial investment. In fact, a rooftop solar system isn’t extremely expensive. On top of it, the government also offers subsidies to make things more economical. 

In this guide, we will be specially talking about a 3 KW on-grid rooftop solar system!

The 3KW solar panel price in Rajasthan with subsidy is quite affordable considering the long-term savings you’ll make. If you are curious and want to know more about the subsidy offered by the Rajasthan government on 3KW solar panels, then keep reading this blog!

Overview of a 3KW Solar System

Rajasthan is considered an ideal location for solar energy generation as it receives an optimal amount of sun exposure. 

A 3KW solar system in Rajasthan can easily generate around 12 units of energy every day. Therefore, a 3KW solar system can power all home appliances and lighting systems without hassle. 

When sunlight falls on solar panels, the solar cells in the panels capture that sunlight and convert it into DC power. The DC power is passed to the solar inverter that converts it into AC power to run the household.

Price Range of a 3KW Solar System in Rajasthan

The price of different solar systems is different. Why? Because of the following factors: 

  • – Choice of Brand: Your choice of a brand plays a big part in the total estimate of the solar project. Although low-quality solar systems may seem lucrative, they are not long-lasting and require frequent maintenance and replacement. Therefore, they end up costing you much more in the long run. 

Contrarily, high-quality solar systems from prominent brands are long-lasting and highly efficient. Therefore, ultimately, they are much more cost-effective.

  • – Solar Equipment: Depending on your choice of solar system, you may need different types of solar equipment. For example, you will need a solar battery for hybrid and off-grid systems. However, you do not need one for an on-grid system. Therefore, on-grid systems are comparatively cheaper than off-grid and hybrid systems.
  • Solar Panel: You may not know this, but two types of solar panels are available for rooftop installations. The first type is the monocrystalline panel, and the second is the polycrystalline panel. Monocrystalline panels have a higher efficiency than poly panels; hence, they’re also expensive. 
  • Subsidy: Yes, the overall 3KW solar panel price in Rajasthan with subsidy is cheaper, but not all solar systems are eligible for a solar subsidy. 

Even value-added services affect the price of solar systems in Rajasthan. The typical price range of a 3KW solar system is between ₹1,35,000 to ₹ 2,10,000. However, the 3KW solar panel price in Rajasthan with subsidy is marginally lower, which we will discuss in the upcoming sections.

L1 price of a 3KW Solar system in Rajasthan

Before we look at the 3KW solar panel price in Rajasthan with subsidy, let us first understand a few things related to the solar subsidy.

Firstly, note that the solar subsidy is calculated on the L1 rate rather than the aforementioned price range. Now, what is the L1 rate? 

The L1 rate is determined through a solar tender. The empanelled solar vendors bid for availing the maximum allocation rights. The lowest bidding amount is considered the L1 rate. Therefore, this L1 rate is different for each system capacity and varies according to each state. 

In Rajasthan, the L1 rates for solar systems are:

  • – Up to 3KW systems = ₹40,991/KW 
  • – Above 3KW and up to 10KW systems = ₹43,500/KW 

Now that we have covered what L1 rate is, let’s check the 3KW solar panel price in Rajasthan with subsidy.

3KW Solar Panel Price in Rajasthan with Subsidy 

The 3KW solar panel price in Rajasthan with subsidy is around ₹85,811 to 1,60,811. How? We’ll explain it to you!

System CapacityL1 RateTotal Subsidy Amount3KW Solar system Price Range before subsidy 3KW Solar Panel Price in Rajasthan with Subsidy
3KW₹40,991/KW₹49,189₹1,35,000 to ₹2,10,000₹85,811 to ₹1,60,811

Now, let us tell you something important! 

As we mentioned at the beginning of this blog, not all solar systems are eligible for solar subsidies. So how would you know that your system is eligible for a subsidy? 

A solar system will be eligible for a solar subsidy if it fulfills the following requirements.

  • – The solar system installed is an on-grid rooftop system.
  • – The solar system is being used for residential purposes (homes or housing societies).
  • – The solar system is not being established for commercial use. 
  • – The solar panels are DCR panels (made in India) with approval from ALMM.

Objectives of Solar Subsidy in Rajasthan

The primary aim of the subsidy is to make the solar system more affordable for residential use. 

As you may have noticed already, the 3KW solar panel Price in Rajasthan with subsidy is considerably lower than the non-subsidised amount. 

Therefore, this encourages more and more people to purchase a higher-capacity solar system without worrying about the cost. 

How to Apply for a Subsidy in Rajasthan?

  • – Open the JVVNL (Jaipur Vidyut Vitaran Nigam Ltd) website.
  • – Select SolarSquare from the list of empanelled vendors.
  • – Enter all project details.
  • – A technical inspector from JVVNL will visit the installation site.
  • – After a complete check, the officer will provide the clearance for installation.
  • – Pay the full amount of the solar project after deducting the subsidy amount to SolarSquare (SSE).
  • – Once the payment is made, the installation will begin.
  • – The net metering process begins after the solar system is installed.
  • – The solar system becomes functional after net metering is complete.
  • – Finally, JVVNL pays the subsidy amount to SSE.

Check the List of Documents Required!

Documents necessary to apply for the solar subsidy are —

  • – A Property ownership document (municipal tax bill)
  • – Latest electricity bill
  • – Copy of Aadhaar or PAN card
  • – Recent passport-size photograph


So, now you know about the 3KW solar panel price in Rajasthan with subsidy. Solar subsidies provide considerable financial assistance when purchasing a solar system for your home. 

Moreover, the solar system is greatly beneficial as it lowers your dependency on costly fossil-fuel-based electricity. Therefore, if you are considering purchasing a 3KW solar system for your home, do not hesitate and switch to solar now.


Q. What can I use the 3KW solar system for?

A 3KW solar system is suitable for powering all types of appliances, including a washing machine, dishwasher, television, refrigerator, and air conditioner. Moreover, it can support your LED home lighting system with ease.

Q. Is the 3KW solar system suitable for me?

A 3KW solar system produces 12 units of energy daily on an average, totalling 360 units a month. Therefore, if your monthly energy requirement is around 340-360 units or less, then the 3KW solar system is suitable for you.

Q. How much is the 3KW solar panel price in Rajasthan with subsidy?

You can get a subsidy of 40% on L1 rates for the installation of a 3KW solar system at home. The 3KW solar panel price in Rajasthan with subsidy falls between ₹85,811 to 1,60,811.