A Detailed Guide on a 200 Watt Solar Panel: Working, Application, and Types

Do you want to invest in good solar panels and are looking for the right one for your needs? You may consider purchasing a 200 watt solar panel at a reasonable 200 watt solar panel price. 

A 200 W solar panel is a good investment for homeowners who want to charge mini electronic appliances like mobile phones, tablets, etc. 

Besides, it is also a good option for those who wish to carry solar panels while camping and boating. 

Easy to use, portable, good energy output and convenient to carry – all these features make 200-watt panels worth the purchase. 

Interesting, right? Keep reading to learn everything about the 200 watt solar panel price and a lot more. 

How Does a 200 Watt Solar Panel Work? 

A 200-watt solar panel works similar to the other solar panels in the market. These panels have silicon solar cells that absorb the energy from the sunlight. 

They then transfer the energy to the inverter, where the direct current is converted into an alternating current. Once that is done, you can use this energy to charge electronic appliances. 

But, why do we need to ‘convert’ the energy? 

Well, it is because home appliances cannot charge from the direct current; they can only charge from alternating current. 

Now that you know how the panel works, let’s dive into its three major types. 

Types of a 200W Solar Panel 

The 200-watt solar panels are of three types: Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline, and Bifacial. Let’s find out their distinct features. 

  • Monocrystalline: These 200-watt panels offer 19% to 20% energy output. This output is more than the polycrystalline modules. A reason why they are more efficient is that they are made of single silicon cells. 

Hence, the 200 watt solar panel price for these types is higher. They can fit in less roof space than polycrystalline modules.  

  • – Polycrystalline: This module is made of multiple silicon cells and works better in cloudy weather. However, it is less efficient than the monocrystalline modules and provides 16% to 17% energy output. 

Besides, it needs more roof space to fit. However, the 200 watt solar panel price for these types is a lot more affordable. 

  • – Bifacial: If there is a solar panel that does not need huge space to accommodate, then this is the one. This solar panel is the most advanced 200 watt solar panel version available on the market. 

It is also made of a single silicon cell and features an energy efficiency up to 22%. 

But a major drawback is that the 200 watt solar panel price for these types is quite high.

200 Watt Solar Panel Price

You might wonder whether the various types affect the price of 200W solar panels. Yes, they do! 

Besides the types, the brand name also impacts the 200 watt solar panel price. 

Let’s give you an estimate of the prices:

  • – The 200 watt solar panel price for the Polycrystalline type ranges between Rs. 4590 to Rs. 5610. 
  • – The 200 watt solar panel price for the Monocrystalline type ranges between Rs. 5400 to Rs. 6600. 
  • – Bifacial type is the most expensive; hence, it is not as popular as the other two variants in India. 

Specifications of a 200 Watt Solar Panel 

Now, let’s discuss the specifications of a 200-watt PV panel. 

Generally, the 200-watt monocrystalline and bifacial solar panels are made of mono silicon cells, and the 200-watt polycrystalline solar panels are made of multi-crystalline cells. 

All these solar panels come with a specific warranty period. Within this period, if you face any manufacturing defect, you can get the panels replaced or repaired without paying an extra 200 watt solar panel price. 

  • – The warranty period for manufacturing defects is 2 to 5 years. 
  • – The warranty period for output performance is 5 to 10 years.

Benefits of 200W Solar Panels

Know the benefits of 200-watt PV panels before purchasing them. 

  • Size: These solar panels are small in size. Hence, you can install them on top of your RV. 
  • – Weight: Due to their small size, they are also lightweight.  
  • – Reduces Electricity Bill: These panels draw energy from the sunlight and convert it into reusable power. You can use this energy to charge the appliances without using fossil-fuel-based electricity that’s very expensive.
  • – Ideal For Charging Small Appliances: The 200-watt panels are perfect for powering small appliances like mobile phones, coffee makers, radios, mini projectors, tablets, etc. 

Cons of 200 W Solar Panels

Now that you know their benefits, learn about their drawbacks too. 

  • – A major drawback of 200 watt solar panels is that they are not suitable for big appliances. If you want to run bigger appliances, you will need many 200W solar panels. 
  • – Since you would need many panels for running bigger appliances, space might become a constraint.  

So, before paying a 200 watt solar panel price, ensure that the panel meets your needs. 

How Many 200W Solar Panels Do You Need? 

Are you wondering how many 200-watt panels you need for your purpose? 

Well, that depends on the size of the solar system. Besides, it also depends on the brand and the panel type you wish to purchase. 

Generally, for a 1KW solar system, you need 5 200-watt panels. Before you ask, we made this calculation using a general thumb rule. 

According to the thumb rule, if you divide the solar system’s capacity by the solar panel size, you can determine the number of panels you need. 

For instance: 1KW (1000watts)/200 watts = 5


  • – 2KW (2000 watts)/200 watts = 10
  • – 3KW (3000 watts)/200 watts = 15
  • – 4KW (4000watts)/200 watts = 20
  • – 5KW (5000watts)/200 watts = 25

Applications of a 200W Solar Panel 

The following are some applications of 200-watt panels. 

  • – You can use the 200-watt solar panels to charge appliances like radio, LCD television, LED lights, microwave, and a mini projector. 
  • – You can take the 200-watt panels to campsites. 
  • – This panel is a good option for powering cabins and trailers. 
  • – Solar lighting and solar water pumps are also among the applications of 200-watt solar panels. 

You must buy 200-watt solar panels if you need them for the above applications. However, if you want to charge big appliances, you must consider other options. 

Subsidy on a 200W Solar Panel 

If you’ve decided to buy 200-watt panels, you might think about whether the Government provides subsidies on 200-watt panels. 

We have the answer! 

Usually, the Government provides subsidies only on the solar panels of capacity equal to or above 330-watt.  

Generally, the Indian Government grants subsidies at the following rates for residential installations

  • – For 1-3KW solar systems: 40% on L1 prices
  • – For above 3KW and up to 10KW solar systems: 20% on L1 prices 

NOTE: The L1 denotes the lowest bid the solar vendor places on the solar system in the state’s solar subsidy tender. 

Also, housing societies get a 20% subsidy on L1 prices for solar systems up to 500 KW. Commercial installations do not get a subsidy in India.


A 200 watt solar panel is a good purchase for powering up small appliances. Besides, it is easy to install, comes in a compact size, is lightweight, and provides decent energy output.

Furthermore, the 200 watt solar panel price is more affordable than many other higher-wattage panels on the market. 

So, undoubtedly, you can begin your solar journey with 200W solar panels. 


Q. What can I power up using 200-watt solar panels?

With 200-watt solar modules (panels), you can run a microwave, mini projector, radio, mobile phones, and tablet. 

Q. What are 200-watt solar panels made of?

The 200W solar panels are made of A-grade silicon cells. 

Q. Which factors affect the 200 watt solar panel price?

The solar brand, panel type, and volt rating affect the 200 watt solar panel price.