A Comprehensive Guide On 100 Watt Solar Panel: Price, Types, and More

Did you know that a solar panel can come in very handy while you are on a trip? Yes, you heard that right! A portable hundred-watt solar panel can be carried while you are camping or hiking.

These panels are convenient to carry and use. Why? They’re lightweight and smaller. They’re one of the best options to have on the go.

You can use these solar panels for charging small electrical appliances like mobile phones, laptops, etc. Besides, a 100 watt solar panel price doesn’t break the bank either.

Unlike many other solar panels of higher wattage,  100-watt modules are affordable. Needless to say, they’re a cost-effective solar energy solution!  

Intrigued? Want to explore the many horizons of 100 watt solar panels including the much-hyped, 100 watt solar panel price? If so, let’s engage you in this enlightening post! Dive in! 

How does a 100-Watt Solar Panel Work? 

Everybody wants to know what 100 watt solar panel price is. But, first things first – you need to understand how a 100-watt solar panel works before anything else. 

Similar to the other PV solar panels – portable or otherwise – when sun rays fall on the hundred-watt solar panel’s surface, the panel generates a direct current (DC). This current is converted into a useful alternating current by the means of a charge controller. 

Next, the controller sends the converted energy to the battery, through which electronic appliances can be charged. 

Given the affordable 100 watt solar panel price and wide availability, these solar panels are becoming popular among people who travel a lot. 

Types of 100-Watt Solar Panel 

A 100-watt solar panel comes in mainly two types: Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline. Let us understand each one in detail. 

  • Monocrystalline 100-Watt Solar Panel: This solar panel wins the race in terms of efficiency. Made of mono cells, it can provide up to 19% to 20% energy efficiency. Due to the incredible energy output, monocrystalline solar panels of 100 watts often stay in demand.
  • – Polycrystalline 100-Watt Solar Panel: This hundred-watt solar panel is made of multi-crystalline cells. The polycrystalline 100 watt solar panel price is lesser compared to monocrystalline panels. It is because a polycrystalline panel provides 16% to 17% energy, which is 3 to 4% less than monocrystalline panels. But here’s a catch! Polycrystalline panels are available in abundance, so you can find them easily. 

Pricing of 100-Watt Solar Panel 

The 100 watt solar panel price depends on factors including the brand and the type of panel. 

Usually, the monocrystalline 100-watt solar panels cost around Rs. 2700 to Rs. 3300. In contrast, the polycrystalline 100 watt solar panel price ranges from Rs. 2300 to Rs. 2800. 

As stated earlier, monocrystalline panels are more expensive than polycrystalline, but the former is more efficient than the latter.

Overall, the 100 watt solar panel price is quite reasonable. Whether the purpose is charging the street lights, remote mobile chargers, or backlit hoardings, you can invest in buying these small solar panels.

Specifications of a 100-Watt Solar Panel 

A good solar panel brand ensures to make solar panels with perfection. What’s even more invaluable is the manufacturing defect warranty. It usually varies between 2 to 5 years. 

No matter which type of small-sized solar panel you purchase, if the panels aren’t generating sufficient energy, you can get them checked and repaired or replaced. 

The applicable warranty period for output performance is between 5 to 10 years. For assurance, clarify the warranty period with the manufacturer beforehand.  

Benefits of Using a 100-Watt Solar Panel 

Now, let’s look into the benefits of using 100-watt solar panels: 

  • – With the smaller size of these solar panels, you can easily carry them to hiking and camping sites. 
  • – These panels are easy to set up and convenient to use. 
  • – Since they come in a small size, they can fit in a confined space.
  • – Unlike conventional solar panels, the 100 watt solar panel price is reasonable, so you do not have to make huge investments.  
  • – These panels do not take much time to set up. 
  • – A 100-watt solar panel does not have a complex design. 

How Many 100-Watt Solar Panels Do You Need? 

How many 100-watt solar panels do I need – that’s something we get a lot! Hence, we’ll give out the proper explanation!

The number of panels required depends upon:

  • – The type of panel you choose
  • – Your energy consumption
  • – The size of the solar system 

Say, you need a 1 KW solar system, the panels required would be 10 (1000 watts/ 100 watts).

Similarly, for a 2 KW solar system, you’ll need 20 100-watt panels (2000 watts/ 100 watts). 

Please note: The number of panels will also depend upon the type of panel (mono or poly).   

Applications of a 100-Watt Solar Panel 

Let’s now discuss the applications of a hundred-watt solar panel. 

  • – You can power home appliances by combining several 100-watt solar panels. 
  • – While camping, you can use this panel to charge your mobile phone or other electronic appliances. 
  • – Electric cars can also be charged with these panels. 
  • – Charging street lights is also possible with 100-watt solar panels. 
  • – Wifi routers can be powered up with these panels. 
  • – Hundred-watt solar panels can charge garden lights and security cameras too. 
  • – These panels can also power up GPS and other essential equipment. 

Subsidy on a 100-Watt Solar Panel 

Usually, subsidies are offered on DCR panels that are at least 330 W. There could be exceptions though. Always check the ALMM-approved list of panels to find out the exact details. 

That said, the amount of subsidy in general in most parts of India is:

  • – 40% of L1 rates when the rooftop solar system is between 1-3 KW
  • – 20% of L1 rates when the rooftop solar system is above 3 and up to 10 KW.

For housing societies, the subsidy is 20% of L1 rates for rooftop solar systems up to 500 KW. 

For commercial and industrial installations, no subsidy is offered.  


Now that you know everything about a 100 watt solar panel price, its functions, applications, and benefits, you can make a wise decision on the purchase.

Overall, these portable solar panels are worth the investment due to their efficiency and affordability. They are a good solution for charging small electronic appliances anytime and anywhere.


Q. Which devices can I run with 100-watt solar panels?

Wifi routers, laptops, cell phones, fans, and lamps are some devices you can run with 100-watt solar panels. 

Since the 100 watt solar panel price for all the types is quite affordable, these panels are worthwhile investments. 

Q. Can a 100-watt solar panel run a fridge?

Yes, a hundred-watt solar panel can run a small 4.5 cubic feet fridge. For bigger refrigerators, you might need more than 1 100-watt solar panel.

Q. Is it possible to carry the 100-watt solar panels to camping sites?

Yes, it is possible to carry 100-watt solar panels to any site as they are small and lightweight.