10kW solar system: What is 10 kW solar plant cost?

A 10kW solar panel system is a solar-powered system that can cater to all your electricity needs. Notably, it is best suited for use in large households, offices, commercial shops, and even factories.  

Also, the government of India is offering subsidies for the installation of on-grid rooftop solar systems for homes and housing societies.

Interested to know more? Let us explore further details, including the 10 kW solar plant cost, its specifications, and more.

Important statistics and working of a 10 kW solar system for home

Before jumping over the specifications and other details such as the 10 kW solar plant cost, you must equip yourself with the knowledge of how a 10kW solar system works. And to put it out simply, it works very much the same way that other solar systems do. 

  • – Solar panels receive sunlight.
  • – The photovoltaic cells embedded in these panels trap the solar energy.
  • – It stimulates and moves electrons through an electric field produced within the solar cell.
  • – It causes the electrons to flow which leads to the generation of electric power. 

Analysing statistically, a 10kW solar system generates around:

  • – 40 units of electricity each day
  • – 2200 units of electricity each month
  • – 14,400 units of electricity every year

Comparing this with your daily power requirements, you can determine whether or not this system is suitable for your home.

Price List of 10kW Solar Panels in India

There are a multitude of factors that affect the 10 kW solar plant cost. The pricing varies with the key factors associated, such as brand, model, type of cells, availability, location, etc. 

Notably, in India, the 10kW solar system price range is between INR 4,50,000 to INR 7,00,000

Some major specifications affecting the price aspect are:

  • Types of solar cells: If you opt to buy solar panels composed of monocrystalline cells, the 10 kilowatt solar panel price will be higher, as these have higher efficiency of about 19 to 20%. Comparatively, polycrystalline solar panels have a lesser efficiency of around 16-17%, so they are cheaper. 
  • – Solar panel manufacturers: A 10 kW solar plant cost also varies according to the brands. Some notable brands in the market include luminous solar, Tata solar, Waree, and more.

Other factors influencing the 10 kW solar plant cost include the installation company selected, the add-on services, mounting structures, etc.

Types of a 10kW Solar System

After gaining insights on 10 kW solar plant cost, let us move ahead and discuss the types of 10kW solar systems. There are three types, namely on-grid, off-grid, and hybrid.

#1. 10 kW On-Grid Solar System

The 10 kW on grid solar system, also called a grid-tied system, is a system connected to the power grid. 

It facilitates the functioning of all your electric devices by meeting your load requirements and passes the surplus power it generates to the grid.

#2. 10kW Off Grid Solar System

The 10kW off grid solar system is specifically an independent solar system that works with batteries. The batteries store surplus electricity that the panels produce during the daytime. And the power from the batteries is used at night. 

#3. 10kW Hybrid Solar System

The 10kW hybrid solar system is a modern solar system that offers the functionality of both on-grid and off-grid solar systems. These work with batteries and are also tied to the power grid.

Remarkably, these solar systems embrace three sources to meet your load requirements: power supply via the system, solar battery, and government power grid.

Specifications and Price of an on-grid 10kW Solar Panel

Now, you should take a glimpse at the significant specifications of an on-grid 10kW solar system.

  • – A 10kW solar power system comprises either monocrystalline solar panels or polycrystalline solar panels. 
  • – The 10 kW solar plant cost ranges from INR 4,50,000 to INR 7,00,000.

Here are the significant specifications:

  • – Type of Solar Panel: Mono/Poly
  • – Inverter Type: Grid Connected as MNRE/BIS Standards
  • – Performance Testing: 75%
  • – Warranty on Solar Panels: 25 Years
  • – Solar DC and AC Cables: 50 metres in length (MNRE standards)

Specifications of 10kW Solar Conversion Kit

The 10kW solar conversion kit is a holistic solar setup that comprises a solar panel, solar accessories, and a Solar Management Unit. Here are the major components of a 10kW solar conversion kit:

  • – Solar panels
  • – Mounting structures
  • – Solar inverters 
  • – AC and DC cables
  • – AC and DC combiner boxes
  • – MC4 connectors
  • – Earthing kit
  • – Conduit trays
  • – Lightning arrestor

Specifications and price of 10kw 12 v solar system and 10 KW 24 V solar system

Whenever there are batteries involved, the solar system in question is either off-grid or hybrid. Here are the specifications:

  • – Panel Type: Monocrystalline or Polycrystalline
  • – Inverter type: off-grid or hybrid
  • – DC and AC cables: As per MNRE standards

10kW Solar Panel Price in India With Subsidy

The Government of India is offering subsidies to encourage people to opt for going solar to meet their power needs. As we discussed in the above section, the 10 kW solar plant cost range in India is INR 4,50,000 to INR 7,00,000. 

But, you must note that the amount of subsidy is offered against the L1 rates, which is different from the solar system installation cost

L1 rates are also known as discovered rates, which are decided as per the bids made by empanelled solar vendors. The lowest bidder gets the maximum allocation rights, and their bid becomes the L1 price.  

Here’s a self explanatory table that’ll walk you through all the details about the 10 kW solar plant cost in India:

State L1 rates in different statesSubsidy offered on a 10 kW solar system
Madhya Pradesh (Bhopal)₹38,800₹1,0,0880

Benefits of a 10kW Solar System

A 10kva solar system uses solar energy which is an efficient source of energy that is also favourable for the environment. It helps to minimise our dependency on fossil fuels that emit greenhouse gases.  

A 10 kW solar system cost becomes even more reasonable after availing of the subsidy. Also, the savings in the long run duly covers the cost upfront.

It can serve high power demand via solar energy to run large homes, corporate offices, commercial shops, and factories.

Who Should Buy and How to Buy 10kW Solar Panels?

You can install panels of 1kW, 3kW, or 5kW as per your requirement. But, if you need an enormous and continuous electricity supply, you should install a 10kW solar energy system.

The 10kW solar systems are becoming a preferred solar energy system for large households and corporate offices.

A 10kW solar energy system is mostly utilised in urban areas, where the average daily consumption of the household or business is around 35 to 40 units every day.

Appliances That Can Work on a 10kW Solar system

As mentioned before, a 10 kW solar system produces about 40 units of electricity per day on average. It is capacious enough to power large villas, bungalows, and two-to-three-story homes. It can even support the power requirements at offices.

Considering power usage in homes, this system facilitates the operation of ACs, lights, fans, coolers, microwaves, dishwashers, washing machines, geysers, and all other household appliances. It can run anything and everything.


A 10kW system is popularly used in large households, offices, and other commercial buildings like schools, hospitals, banks, etc. 

With such a system, your house will never run out of power as it will always be ready to produce maximum power to meet all your requirements. The government is also putting efforts to promote the use of solar energy for a sustainable future.


1. What is the power output of a 10kW solar system?

During sunny days, a 10kW solar system can generate approximately 40 units every day. This implies that, on an average, it can produce approximately 1200 units of electricity/month.

2. Can I run appliances with heavy load requirements like a 2.5-ton AC, refrigerator, and cooler with a 10kW solar power system?

Yes, you can run all these appliances with a 10kW solar system. 

3. Is the government subsidy available to minimise the 10 kW solar plant cost of installation?

Yes, you can avail government subsidy for a 10 kW solar system under the following conditions:

  • – The system should be an on-grid rooftop solar system. 
  • – The solar panels should be made in India and ALMM-approved
  • – Only homeowners and housing societies get a subsidy.
  • – Commercial establishments do not get a subsidy.