The Biporjoy Lesson: Only Resilient Solar Survives Cyclones

Imagine going on a safari, eager to witness the majestic lion. As you venture into the wilderness, you realise you’re armed with nothing but a water gun – yes, a water gun. 

That’s a bit absurd, isn’t it? Just as it’s absurd to protect your investment in solar systems with weak mounting structures in the face of the Biporjoy cyclone. And it’s not the last cyclone that has hit the country! There will be more.

Biporjoy proves Darwin’s ‘Survival of the fittest’ Theory Right

Biporjoy’s fury has exposed one truth – weak solar can never last.

It is one of the fiercest weather events to thwart India. The cyclone stormed across the subcontinent, unleashing winds of up to 130 kmph, leaving a path of destruction. But more importantly, a lesson.

A lesson that extreme weather will send solar panels with feeble mounting structures flying like paper planes! A lesson on the non-negotiability of strength in solar installation. 

Over the past few days, we’ve seen extreme cyclonic winds pulling out solar panels and mounting structures from roofs like weeds being pulled out of the lawn.  

Flying panels have damaged properties and jeopardised investments. In sheer panic, what have people been doing? They’ve been frantically uninstalling their solar panels! 

But uninstalling solar panels in the wake of a storm is a temporary fix. Would you do that every time a storm hits your state? It’s not the solution. 

The only solution is finding and installing solar that can stand up to cyclones as fierce as Biporjoy.

Solar mounts that are as strong as the pyramids of Egypt standing the test of time and cyclones 

Your solar panel is not just a mere array of cells on your rooftop. It’s a promise to the environment, an investment in the future, a lock protecting your pocket from electricity bills. It’s that smart kid in your school who is also a star athlete – beauty and brawn. 

However, just like that star athlete would falter without a strong support team, so does your solar panel without a sturdy mounting structure. It’s like setting a 5-star meal on a shaky table. You wouldn’t do that, would you?

SolarSquare cares about your investment. Solar should be a lifelong investment. And to make sure your solar systems stand tall no matter the weather, we provide cyclone-proof mounting structures that stand undamaged in winds up to 170 kmph. 

And if our IIT Bombay-approved solar mounting structure gets damaged in a cyclone, we will replace it for free. That’s a promise

Local vs SolarSquare Mounting Structures: The Showdown

Picture two buildings – one built with standard bricks and the other with strong steel boulders. You wouldn’t need an architect to tell you which one stands the test of time, or in our case, a storm like Biporjoy.

Ordinary mounting structures, welded on-site, fall short. They rust, have weak joints, and cause water leakage issues on your roof. Like wearing a cap to protect yourself in a hailstorm, they simply aren’t fit for the job.

Enter SolarSquare’s mounting structures, the ‘Pyramids’ of the solar industry. Prefabricated in a factory to survive for 25+ years, galvanised with a zinc coating, they laugh at rust and easily withstand cyclones. 

These structures bring more than just the guarantee to beat extreme weather conditions. They bring peace of mind! 

FeaturesLocal Mounting StructuresSolarSquare Mounting Structures
Rust Resistance✔️
Cyclone Resistance✔️
Roof Leakage Issues✔️
ManufacturingWelded on-sitePrefabricated in factories 
Wind handling up to 170 kmph✔️

SolarSquare’s mounting structures: More than a Product, A Promise!

At SolarSquare, our structures aren’t merely products. They’re promises – of strength, resilience, and a stress-free solar experience. 

Our rust-resistant structures can withstand all weather extremities – hails, storms, cyclones! 

Summing up

Think of Biporjoy as a wake-up call – the necessity for robust solar installations is not just an option. It’s a demand from the forces of nature. 

So no matter what your local service provider says, do not arm yourself with a water gun to face that lion. You know in your heart that Biporjoy-like winds are no joke, and Biporjoy is not the last cyclone either. 

Choose SolarSquare’s cyclone-proof structures; for we install more than solar, we install peace of mind.