Computer jee seems to have locked all the correct answers. Let’s now find out whether or not your answers match with what computer jee said!

A. Why doesn’t rooftop solar generate similar electricity units in all states?

  1. Variation in sunlight 
  2. Variation in pollution
  3. Presence of aerosol in air 
  4. All of the above  

Correct answer is 4: All of the above.

B. How much subsidy does the government offer on a 5 kW solar system?

  1. ₹38,000
  2. ₹48,000
  3. ₹58,000
  4. ₹68,000

Correct answer is 3: Approximately ₹58,000.

C. How much does electricity production drop if the system is not maintained? 

  1. 10-20%
  2. 20-30%
  3. 30-40%
  4. 40-50%

Correct answer is 3: 30-40%.

D. What’s the monthly cost of a 3 KW solar system purchased with SolarSquare’s 5-year EMI? 

  1. ₹3,500/month
  2. ₹7,000/month
  3. ₹10,500/month
  4. ₹14,000/month

Correct answer is 1: ₹3,500/month.

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