Solar Lights For House: Features, Advantages, and Applications

Solar lights for house are used to illuminate any indoor setting. In this system, you need to install solar panels on the rooftop. These panels trap solar energy and convert it into consumable electricity. The solar batteries store the AC power to light up your house during the night. 

Powering a solar lights bulb is highly convenient as it does not require any complicated setup. Moreover, it harnesses the benefits of natural power sources. 

If you want to install solar lights for your domestic settings, it is crucial to know the features, applications, and price of solar lights for house to make the right buying decision.

Solar Lights For House: Advantages and Benefits

Many people are unaware of the efficiency and benefits of using solar lights. Therefore, they avoid investing in this source of energy. 

If you are skeptical about your decision to install a solar system, the following benefits will help you make a firm decision:

  • Solar lights for house offer a clean source of energy to prevent environmental damage. Traditional power generation techniques use fossil fuel which emits enormous amounts of harmful gases. When you switch to solar power, you take an active part in conserving the environment.
  • Solar lights require low maintenance as compared to traditional electric bulbs. A solar lights bulb only needs a battery replacement after every five years. Therefore, this system offers much more convenient and hassle-free handling.
  • Solar lights for domestic purposes use the power from solar panels. As there is no exchange of electricity from the electrical grid, the electricity bills are minimal.
  • Solar lights for house come in multiple aesthetically appealing designs that add value to your room.
  • Many portable solar lights come with inbuilt storage batteries. Therefore, you only need to store these bulbs in a place where they receive sufficient sunlight.
  • Solar lights for house come in the form of multiple mini-LED bulbs. They provide extra brightness to the indoor space. 

Features Of Solar Lights For House 

Solar lights for house offer an economical and efficient solution for domestic lighting requirements. 

Since they take power from the sun and convert it into usable electricity, you get a consistent energy supply daily. Knowing the crucial features of solar lights helps you understand how they can fulfill your power requirements.

Let’s now walk you through the features of solar lights for house!

  • User-friendly installation: Solar lights are small and do not require any complex installation. You can easily install them in your house to meet personal lighting requirements.
  • Efficient charging: The battery of solar lights gets fully charged within 4 to 6 hours in bright sunlight. This provides an efficient power supply to the lighting devices. In addition, the features of the battery prevent damage from overcharging and deep discharging.
  • Overnight backup: The battery of solar lights for house provides a sufficient power supply that lasts the whole night. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the inconvenience of power cuts at night.
  • Short circuit protection: The solar lighting system provides adequate protection from polarity and short circuits. Moreover, it also prevents multi-level overload damages.
  • Necessary components: An efficient domestic solar lighting kit includes solar panels, an external charger, LED lamps, and a control unit. In addition, customers also receive an optimal fan and a mobile charger.

Application of Solar Lights for House

Solar lights for house are efficient in fulfilling the domestic power requirements. They are gaining popularity because of their cost-effective and eco-friendly nature. 

The applications of these lights vary from domestic buildings to commercial settings like airports and highways. You can use solar lights for house for the following purposes:

  • Lighting rooms: You can install solar lights to illuminate dark indoor spaces. The small solar LED bulbs offer bright light throughout the night. You only need to place the bulb in an area where it receives sufficient sunlight to charge the battery.
  • Balcony: You can install the solar light on the balcony for either decorative purposes or lighting needs. Moreover, the balcony is a great place to install solar lights because it has an open space that receives abundant sunlight.
  • Security purposes: The smart solar light system has a motion detector technique. The bulb automatically switches on when any person or animal enters the solar lights’ radar. You can install these lights outside your house to improve your domestic security system.
  • Portable torch: Solar lights also come in the form of a portable torch. These devices have inbuilt solar panels and batteries. When they are in the sunlight, solar panels capture solar energy and store it in the battery. 

Solar Light Panel Price

Solar light provides an efficient solution to all the power requirements. This system requires a one-time investment with a minimal maintenance charge. 

In addition, the benefits of solar lights have made them a necessity in rural areas where there’s no electricity supply. 

The solar light panel price largely depends on the capacity of the solar panels and the individual brand. 

The below-mentioned table provides an average value of the cost of solar light according to power capacity.

Capacity Price (in Rs)
18 W5,990
20 W7,990
30 W9,990
75 W19,990


Solar lights for house are getting great customer attention not only for decorative purposes but also for meeting indoor lighting requirements. 

These lights are eco-friendly and sustainable, making them thrive in the long run. If you want to install solar lights for house, you need to determine the capacity requirement and your budget to buy the best deal from the available options.


Q1. How can I select an optimum home lighting system for domestic use?

You need to calculate the power requirement of your house to select an optimum capacity home lighting system. 

Generally, a 75W lighting system is required for powering multiple appliances. However, you can choose a low-capacity system for small models.  

Q2. How many LED bulbs can a home lighting system power?

It depends upon the power requirement of each LED bulb and the capacity of the lighting system. 

Q3. Can I charge my solar lights for house through the window?

Yes, you can charge your solar light through the window. However, you must ensure that it receives sufficient sunlight during noon so that the batteries store maximum energy.