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It’s 2023 already. Are you still paying high electricity bills? You don’t have to. Installing a solar system is the way out of the trap of paying high electricity bills. 

Savings from solar are enough to sponsor that vacation you always wanted but couldn’t plan because your budget continually dwindled. 

We have made this post, especially for you. Read along and find out the kind of savings we’re talking about. 

How much money does going solar save?

The money that your solar system saves will depend on its capacity. Why – you ask us? Well, the number of units a system generates depends on the capacity of the system.

Here’s a breakdown of the average number of units a solar system generates.

Capacity of the solar systemAverage units generated yearly
1 KW1400
2 KW2800
3 KW4200
4 KW5600
5 KW7000

Per se, the electricity tariff per unit in your area is ₹10. Here’s what the yearly savings will look like:

Capacity of the solar systemElectricity tariff per unitAverage units generated yearlyApprox. yearly savings
1 KW₹101400₹14,000
2 KW₹102800₹28,000
3 KW₹104200₹42,000
4 KW₹105600₹56,000
5 KW₹107000₹70,000


The savings from solar depend upon the electricity tariff you pay and the capacity of the solar system. We hope our guide on going solar gave you an idea about the savings you can have if you install a solar system. 
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