Rewa Solar Plant: A Comprehensive Overview

Here’s a general knowledge question for you! 

Do you know which is Asia’s largest solar power plant? No? Well, it is the Rewa solar plant! 

Yes, Asia’s largest solar power plant is located in Madhya Pradesh, India. It was established by the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) and Madhya Pradesh Urja Vikas Nigam Limited. 

This solar power plant was dedicated to India by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 10th July 2020. 

Apart from being Asia’s largest solar power plant, it is also recognised in India for breaking the grid parity. 

If you’re wondering what grid parity is – it is a situation that occurs when solar power or wind power can generate enough power at a lower electricity cost than the commercial electricity grid. 

Are you intrigued to know more about Asia’s largest solar power plant? 

Let’s dive into the details. 

What Is Rewa Ultra Mega Solar Project? 

The ground-mounted Rewa ultra mega solar plant is a photovoltaic solar plant located in the Rewa district in MP. It’s a grid-connected solar power plant. 

It started generating power in 2018. The initial target was to produce 750 MW worth of electricity. And, this solar power plant achieved its target by the end of January 2020. 

You’ll be surprised to know that this project is acknowledged worldwide for its robust structuring. With solar energy becoming a vital electricity source daily, the project is expected to provide clean energy to residential and commercial buildings. 

According to India’s Prime Minister, although multiple solar power plant projects like Neemuch, Shajapur, Omkareshwar, and Chattarpur are ongoing, Rewa will become a major hub for supplying solar energy in the future.  

Quite interesting. Isn’t it? Let’s now look into the objective and significance of this project. 

What Are The Objectives And Significance Of The Rewa Ultra Mega Solar Project? 

This Asia’s largest solar project has the following objectives and significance. Let’s study them one by one!

  • – Since this solar power plant generates inexpensive energy, everybody – rich, poor, middle-class families, farmers, and even state tribals – will benefit from it. 
  • – The Rewa ultra mega solar project provides clean and harmless energy for charging electronic appliances in household and commercial areas.  
  • – As per a recent study, this solar power plant is expected to decrease carbon emissions by up to 15 lakh tonnes per year. The lesser the carbon dioxide production, the healthier will the environment be. It’ll put a cap on many health disorders that are a result of pollution.
  • – It will offer clean energy to Delhi’s metro rail and Rewa industries. 
  • – It is expected to meet the 175 GW renewable energy target by the end of 2022. 

Now that you know the objectives and significance, let’s proceed with the features of the Rewa solar plant. 

What Are The Features Of The Rewa Solar Plant? 

The Rewa solar plant got into the news for being one of Asia’s largest solar systems. The features of the Rewa solar plant are as follows:

  • – The solar park is spread over 1500 hectares of land. 
  • – It is among the world’s largest solar power plants. 
  • – The Rewa ultra mega solar broke the electricity grid parity barrier. It made a historic moment in India for being the first solar project to have done so. 
  • – The solar power plant immensely contributed to lowering the electricity cost. 
  • – Inter-state customers can also access the power generated by this solar plant. 
  • – This solar power plant is an initiative by the state and not by federal companies. 
  • – The power plant is capable of producing power even for international customers. 

All these features make Rewa solar plant better and more effective than the other solar plants. It is believed that this project is the future of the solar industry in India. 

How Much Funding Was Provided For The Rewa Solar Plant Project? 

Since the Rewa solar plant installation required huge space, it received funding from the Central Government. 

The Central Government granted Rs. 138 crores for installing the solar plant. 

Besides, the World Bank has invested $440 million in the Rewa solar plant project. Additionally, this project is the first to get financial assistance from the Clean Technology Fund (CTF) for 40 years at 0.25% interest. 

What Are The Key Facts About Rewa Solar Plant?

Want to know some unique and interesting facts about the Rewa solar plant? Here are some!

  • – As per the reports, the solar plant will provide 76% of the solar power to the distribution companies in Madhya Pradesh and 24% to the Delhi Metro.
  • – The Rewa solar plant consists of three generating units. Each unit has a power capacity of 250MW and is located inside the solar park.
  • – The project has been recognised for its excellence and innovation and rewarded with the World Bank Group President Award.
  • – In fact, India’s Prime Minister’s book “A Book of Innovation: New Beginnings” contains interesting details about this project. 

The Rewa solar plant has become crucial for expanding solar energy usage among people. India strives to fulfill its solar energy ambitions with the help of this solar plant. 

Since India is trying to shift from fossil fuel to clean energy, the Rewa solar plant is expected to greatly help in the mission. 


According to the manufacturers, this solar power plant can eliminate or reduce green-houses gas emissions. Besides, the solar power plant aims to reduce the cost of solar panels and make more people adapt to clean energy. 

Therefore, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Rewa solar project will reduce the environmental concerns of India to a large extent. It will also take India a step ahead in the quest for achieving sustainable development. 


Q. How much investment was made for the Rewa solar project?

The first funding came in the form of Rs. 138 crores from The Central Government for the installation of the power plant.

Then, the World Bank invested $440 million in this project. 

Q. What activities did RUMS Ltd. adopt for setting up the Rewa solar project?

The RUMS adopted activities like market consultations, conceptualisations, legal and financial structuring, and bid process management for setting up the Rewa solar project. 

Q. When was the Rewa solar power plant established?

Interestingly, the Rewa solar power plant was announced in 2014, established in 2015, and started generating electricity in 2018.

Principal Secretary Manu Srivastava, – Government of Madhya Pradesh and New & Renewable Energy – became the Chairperson of the project.