Things to know when buying the Best Solar Inverter for home In India

Power cuts are unpredictable and annoying. They hamper your workflow. 

And that’s where inverters step in as your saviours. An inverter converts electrical power into alternating current for home appliances. 

They also serve as a backup during power outages when connected to a battery. 

The best solar inverter for home takes you a step further in self-sustainability as it draws direct current from the solar panels, harnessing the sun’s energy. 

But when you head out to buy a solar inverter, the market gives you innumerable options, each claiming that it is the best. 

Confusing, isn’t it?

Well, no more worries! 

This brief guide will tell you about the best solar inverter for home purposes. However, before that, you must understand the various categories of solar inverters. 

Different Types of Solar Inverters 

Every pre-installed solar power system seeks a particular type of solar inverter. The three major categories of solar inverters are as follows:

1. On-grid inverter

On-grid solar inverters are to be chosen for an on-grid solar system, i.e., the ones connected to the grid. It plays a major role in converting DC power into AC power. 

Additionally, this inverter shuts down the power supply from the solar system whenever there is an electrical arc. This shutting down feature is called Anti-Islanding Protection. This feature makes an on-grid Inverter one of the best solar inverter for home.

Anti-islanding is mandatory because if electricity flow continues from the solar panel while a wireman/lineman works at the site of the fault, it could be a life-threatening situation. 

2. Off-grid inverter

Off-grid solar inverters are an essential component of the off-grid solar power system. The device converts DC power to AC power. 

Moreover, the off-grid inverter is connected to a battery bank wherein the extra solar power produced during the daytime gets stored. 

So, an off-grid solar inverter helps store excess charge and supplies the same to power all the electrical appliances during nighttime. 

3. Hybrid inverter

What is a hybrid solar inverter? A combination of a solar inverter and a battery inverter into a single piece of equipment is called a hybrid solar inverter. 

So, you do not require a separate battery inverter. It is one of the best solar inverter for home.

It manages power from your solar panels, utility grid, and solar batteries simultaneously. Hence, it’s highly efficient.

It is to be noted that a hybrid solar inverter can function without batteries as well. You can attach them to solar panels and the power grid in such a system. 

However, they’re more expensive than on-grid inverters. Ideally, an on-grid solar system is the best option for homes.  

Classification of Solar Inverters

Based on how you want to connect the solar power system, you can choose either of the two types:

1. String inverters 

String inverters are connected to a string of inter-linked solar panels. Since panels are wired in series, they serve as a string of panels, hence the name string inverters. 

In a larger system, string inverters are more cost-effective than micro-inverters. 

2. Micro-inverter

A solar micro-inverter converts the direct current produced by the single solar module to AC current. 

Unlike string inverters, it does not connect to multiple solar panels. There’s one micro-inverter connected to one solar panel. So, if there are 10 solar panels, there will be 10 microinverters. 

Hence, the output from several microinverters is combined and often fed to the electrical grid in the case of on-grid solar inverters. 

Furthermore, the performance of the string inverter system is only as good as the lowest performing panel. 

A major advantage of micro-inverters is that they electrically isolate the solar panels from one another. 

Consequently, even small amounts of shading or complete module failure do not reduce the output of the entire array.

But these inverters are priced high. 

So, Which is the Best Solar Inverter For Home? 

Your choice of a solar inverter depends on several factors. However, for most people, the on-grid is the best solar inverter for home because it gives you an option of grid electricity to fulfil your power requirements. 

They adjust input voltage and ensure minimal damage to the household appliances. Moreover, the anti-islanding property makes it all the more worthwhile and special. 

Amongst string and micro-inverters, string inverters have the benefit of being a short-term cheaper solution. This is why they are considered the best solar inverter for home. 

They have lower equipment needs as one string inverter handles the energy produced from a series of up to 7-10 panels. 

Purchasing a string inverter rather than 7-10 micro inverters is better for people with budget issues. For people who do not have a budget constraint, microinverters might be handier. 

Best 5 Solar Inverters in India

Here is the answer to the most sought-after question – which is the best solar inverter for home? 

  1. Luminous Solar hybrid 1100/12V Home UPS

The luminous hybrid solar inverter is the best solar inverter for home, offering the following features: 

  • – Its operating voltage ranges between 100-290V 
  • – It has 700 VA power  
  • – It can save up to three electricity units per day
  • – Its Intelligent Solar Optimisation Technology favours maximum solar energy usage for electricity production 
  • – Its i-charging technology makes it ideal for areas with frequent power cuts.  
  1. V-Guard Smart Pro -1200 S Solar Inverter

The key features of this solar inverter are as follows:

  • – It comes with wifi and Bluetooth connectivity that helps users monitor the inverter via a mobile phone app
  • – You can check the backup time and also switch modes
  • – It provides power to LED TVs, computers, inverter refrigerators, speakers, kitchen chimneys, and more
  • – It features 30% faster turbocharging 
  • – Its pure sine wave technology offers maximum efficiency 
  1. MICROTEK Digital Solar- UPS M-SUN-1135 VA 12V

This hybrid solar inverter is among the best solar inverter for home. Its features include – 

  • – It is suitable for handling solar and grid-based technologies
  • – It provides a 12 V DC output
  1. Exide Technologies – 12V 40Amps Solar Charge Controller with LCD

The features of this product are as follows:

  • – 12V 40 Amps power
  • – Its total power output is 850 VA
  • – Its DC output is about 12 V 
  • – It gives 95% efficiency to users
  1. MICROTEK M-sun solar inverter

The inverter features: 

  • – DSPIC Intelligent Control Design 
  • – A large LCD for crucial parameters like input and output voltage
  • – Well-integrated protection that prevents overheating and short circuits 
  • – Sensory overload feature that prevents overloading of power on devices


Join hands in reducing the carbon footprint by opting for a solar inverter. Always ensure that you invest in a reputable brand and buy the best solar inverter for home. 

Top brands offer user safety via various features such as supplying efficient power to avoid short circuits, monitoring, and more. 

So, weigh your requirements and make a wise choice! 


Q. Will an on-grid inverter work if the power grid is down?

No. An on-grid inverter shuts down the power supply immediately after the grid fails. It will not provide current if the power grid is down. 

Q. What is the cost of a solar inverter for the home?

The price of the solar inverter will depend on the company and the type of inverter you choose. Micro-inverters will be more expensive than string inverters.

Q. Can I run an air conditioner on a solar inverter?

Yes, you can run your AC on a solar inverter but be careful to opt for a high power output inverter supplemented with high modules.