A Purchasing Guide To The Best Solar Generators For Home

What would you do when the ultimate supplier of solar energy – the sun goes missing on those stormy and continuous downpour days? 

Yes, you are thinking right! 

You need a device to store renewable energy for emergencies, and a solar generator is an answer to all your power-related issues. 

A solar generator can light up your house, charge your devices, power your refrigerators, run your fans and supply power anywhere and everywhere. 

The best option for a solar generator for home is a portable one. You can carry it on the go and keep the energy stored for use. 

Let’s dive into the details to learn more about a solar generator for home. 

How Does a Solar Generator for Home Work?

Solar generators are connected to your rooftop solar panels. The solar panels capture photons from the sun’s rays and charge the battery in the solar-powered generator. The power stored is in the form of Direct current.  

The inverter in the generator converts DC to AC before the power is extracted, as most appliances run on AC. 

How Much Does a Solar Generator for Home Cost? 

You must be wondering how much a generator would cost. Is it too costly?

Well, the price of a solar–driven generator depends on its capacity and size. It can range from ₹7,988.88 to ₹79,885.90. 

So, if you choose a low-power generator of up to 15 watts, you will have to pay less. Such a generator is perfect for those using it to charge laptops and cell phones. 

However, if you purchase a sun-powered generator of 1800 or 3000 watts, the price would be considerably higher. 

Which are The Top 3 Solar Generators for Home?

When you buy a solar generator, you come across numerous brands. It gets confusing to choose an ideal solar generator for home. 

But you need not worry! Here are the top 3 solar power generators that you can choose from. 

1. BLUETT AC 300

This is one of the most advanced solar generators for home by BLUETTI. 

Key Features:

– Its modular design makes it convenient to handle.

– It comes with the second largest pure sine wave inverter. The capacity of the inverter is 6000 watts.

– The double MPPT makes it compatible with 1200 watts solar panels. 

– It contains a detachable 3072 Wh battery. You can even extend it to 12,888 Wh if you attach 1+3 batteries.

2. EP500 pro

It’s probably the best option for those looking for a power generator of large size MPPT

Key features:

– It is ideal for those hunting for a solar power generator with maximum ports. It has 18 output ports.

– The generator also includes two wireless charging pads.

– It has a 30A RV port, three 240V AC ports, a 100 W USB-C port, and four 120V AC ports.

– It comes with an AC input capacity of 600 watts. 

– The generator has an in-built 5100 Wh battery. It can power a house for up to 4 to 5 hours.

– It can give a power backup of up to 7 to 15 hours when connected to a solar panel. 

3. EcoFlow Delta Pro

This is a high-quality solar power generator that comes with a strong brand value. 

Key Features: 

– It has an in-built battery with a capacity of 3,600 Wh. 

– The battery can be expanded up to 10,800 Wh.

– It is suitable for heavy-power appliances because it comes with a 3600 W inverter, offering a 7200 W surge capacity.

– It contains two detachable batteries of 3600 Wh capacity.

– It can power an entire house for up to 10 hours at a stretch.

A Buyer’s Quick Guide for Purchasing Solar-Powered Generators 

Here is a complete buying guide that will help you understand what factors to consider before making a purchase. 

Power Supply

One of the most important factors that you must consider is the duration of power supply that your generator would provide. 

A generator’s power supply depends on the battery size and the power required to run your appliances. 

You must also consider what your major requirements will be. For instance, you need a low-power generator if you would mostly use its power to charge a laptop or mobile phone. 

But you will require a heavy-powered generator for running a refrigerator or heater. 


You must check the capacity of the solar generator for home. It is mentioned in ‘Watts’ (W). Measuring the power usage allows you to determine the capacity of a solar-powered generator. 

If you aren’t very sure about your power requirements, you must choose solar generators with expandable capacity.

Charging Speed 

The method of charging and the battery size determine the amount of time taken to recharge the battery. At the same time, a larger battery takes longer to recharge than a smaller battery. 

Although solar-power generators are charged via solar panels, it may not always be convenient. So, you must consider the option of electric charging too in a solar-powered generator. 

Charging Ports/ Outlets

Different solar generator models offer different outlets and ports to power devices at once. Some common plugs include USB ports, AC outlets, and more. 

Your solar power generator must contain various charging ports so that you do not find difficulty in charging your devices. 


Solar generators are portable. Good solar generators should be lightweight and easy to carry. They must have a built-in handle.

Brand Reputation

Choosing a good brand is half-work done. Reputed brands of solar power generators provide assured quality products along with a good warranty. 

A good brand reputation ensures reliability and performance. 


A solar generator for home is your solution to unpredictable weather conditions that limit power generation from solar panels. 

However, it is vital to consider your power requirements, generator’s capacity, charging speed, charging ports, portability, and the right brand before making a choice. 

Although not a mandatory component of a solar power system, a solar generator is one such device that assures your comfort and pushes away all power-related worries.  


Q. What is the average lifespan of a solar power generator?

The longevity of a solar generator for home varies with manufacturers. The most advanced solar-powered generators last up to 25 years. 

Proper maintenance can enhance their average lifespan. 

Q. What measures should I take to enhance the longevity of a solar-powered generator?

You must keep the following pointers in mind to ensure proper maintenance and thus enhance the life of your generators:

  • – Keep it in the shade.
  • – Follow at least a monthly maintenance routine. 
  • – Adopt through regular dusting and removal of insects or cobwebs.
  • – Try to avoid placing it in moisture-laden areas. 
  • – Use anti-corrosion paints.
  • – Always ensure that an expert checks your device for wire connections.
Q. What is the role of the inverter in my solar generator?

The solar generator stores DC power in its battery, but most appliances require alternating current (AC). 

The inverter in a solar generator converts DC to AC. If a solar generator does not have a built-in inverter, you must purchase one.