Best Solar DEVICES For Your Home

Technological innovation has led to the production of various devices and machines that utilise solar electricity for domestic usage. Solar devices are an excellent way to reduce electricity costs and advocate a greener environment. 

They absorb the sun’s energy through the solar panels and convert them into usable electricity. This blog discusses the top ten Indian solar products for the home. Dive in for details! 

1. Solar Powered Inverter 

Solar inverters are solar energy devices that transform Direct Current (DC) absorbed by the solar panels into Alternating Current (AC) for households and businesses. 

As solar energy in the form of DC power cannot be used to power solar energy products, solar inverters serve as the main unit that helps to convert DC to AC. The Sun’s energy in the form of DC can have a value up to 1000 Volts, which cannot be used for household purposes due to safety reasons. Hence, the need to install solar inverters comes into picture. 

The solar inverters can be classified into two types: off-grid solar inverters and on-grid solar inverters. 

The off-grid solar inverters are independent of the system, whereas the on-grid inverter is connected to the grid. They are entirely safe for operating delicate electrical home appliances that run on solar energy such as computers, printers, fax machines, etc. 

2. Solar Water Heaters 

Solar water heaters are solar devices that are used to heat water for domestic or commercial usage. A conventional solar water heater can save up to 1000 units of electricity every year. 

These heaters are mounted on the rooftop to absorb solar energy, heat water and then store the heated water in large enclosed tanks.

For household applications, these solar devices have a capacity ranging from 100 L to 300 L. A solar water heater of 100 L can reduce carbon emissions by 1.5 tonnes each year. 

Solar water heaters possess a shelf life of 15 to 20 years. The cost of a solar water heater is expected to be around ₹15,000 to ₹20,000. 

Please note: The price range may significantly vary from this number, depending upon the brand, features, and capacity of the product. 

3. Solar Powered Outdoor Lights 

Solar-powered outdoor lights are extremely efficient and come with a solar cell and pre-installed battery. 

The battery recharges itself with sunlight during the daytime and provides an uninterrupted power supply at night. 

These solar devices can be used to light up lawns, pathways, garages, etc. They don’t need an electrician for installation, making them readily usable solar devices for home. 

4. Solar Rechargeable Fans 

Contrary to traditional fans, solar fans are solar devices equipped with solar panels that do not depend on electricity from the grid to operate. Once powered up, these fans can be used without fuel-based electricity. 

Sometimes solar fans are backed by an AC adapter that charges the fan in abrupt weather conditions when there isn’t enough sunshine. The solar fans come in various shapes and sizes, making them portable and lightweight. 

5. Portable Solar Smartphone Charger 

The solar charger charges many devices like phones, laptops, tablets, etc. The charger has a solar panel for charging the battery. However, the power doesn’t remain constant throughout the day. 

The solar charger can be easily charged by keeping it near a window where direct sunlight strikes the charger. This way, you can charge your power bank or any other gadget with the help of portable solar smartphone charger effortlessly. 

These portable chargers are among the best solar devices to use, even while travelling. Additionally, they are lightweight and durable. 

6. Solar Flashlight 

A standard solar flashlight can illuminate things approximately 60 metres away, and the light can be seen from greater distances. The flashlights are designed with built-in solar panels. 

After recharging, a solar-powered flashlight can provide light for many hours. The flashlights are portable. Some of those are waterproof as well. Solar flashlights are ideal in areas where there are frequent power outages. 

The solar flashlight also comes with a USB cable that can be recharged with electricity. 

7. Solar Cooker 

A solar cooker is used for cooking food using solar energy. It is an eco-friendly way to cook without using electricity. There are four types of solar cookers:

#1. Panel Solar Cooker

A panel solar cooker is a solar device where mirrored panels are used to direct sunlight onto a container. These are affordable and can cook food to temperatures of up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. 

#2. The Box Solar Cooker

These are enclosed boxes that are covered with a visible glass or plastic cover. They come with reflectors that assist in heating the box; hence, cooking the food. 

Temperatures in the box can reach up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. 

#3. The Parabolic Solar Cooker

The Parabolic Solar Cooker directs the sun’s heat onto the pot’s base. Also known as the Curved Concentrator, this solar cooker is ideal for frying food. 

#4. The GoSun Solar Cooker

This one’s not like the conventional solar cookers. The food is placed in a cylindrical vacuum tube made of glass and encircled by reflectors. It can get as hot as 550 degrees Fahrenheit inside this piece of beauty. 

8. Hydroponic Solar Gardening System 

Among many solar devices, the hydroponic solar gardening system charges its panels from the sun in the daylight and automatically sprinkles the plants with water. 

Integrated pipework is provided for easily watering the plants. 

9. Floating Solar Powered Pool Lights 

Floating Solar Powered Pool Lights are solar devices that can turn your ordinary pool into luxury without electricity. 

The LED pool lights recharge throughout the day using small solar panels that convert the sunlight into electricity. They then automatically switch on in the evening. Also, they’re the most cost-effective lighting systems. 

10. Solar Powered Watch 

The solar watch has small solar cells that charge themselves while you’re still wearing the watch. The solar cells eliminate the use of batteries in the watch, giving a unique experience to the user. 

Solar devices use a pure form of energy that helps eliminate greenhouse gas emissions and lessens our dependency on fossil fuels. Fossil fuels generate energy that releases toxic gases into the atmosphere. It is the main cause of global warming. 

Solar devices help in making life easier. They can increase your home’s efficiency and decrease the carbon footprint without interfering with your lifestyle. 


Q. What are the monetary advantages of using solar devices?

Installing a solar system or using solar devices helps reduce electricity costs significantly. The amount of money saved depends upon the usage of these products. 

Q. How fast will my solar power bank charge my phone from 0% to 100%?

It depends entirely on the solar power bank’s efficiency and the magnitude of your smartphone’s battery. 

Typically, batteries are rated based on their mAh rating. If your solar battery has a 4000 mAh power backup and your mobile battery has 1800 mAh, then the solar power bank can fully charge your phone twice throughout the day. 

Q. How do my backyard lights know when to illuminate or whether it’s day or night?

The solar garden lights are equipped with sensors that can detect the environmental changes in the surroundings. 

When the sun sets, the sensors can detect it and turn the lights on. The lights are turned off in the daytime and recharge themselves for the night. These lights provide an uninterrupted power supply.