A Detailed Guide for the Best Solar Battery in 2024

If you are here, it means you are struggling to find the best solar battery for your solar power system. Isn’t it?

Don’t worry! You are not the only one!

Many people get confused while buying a suitable solar battery because of the wide varieties available. Most brands claim to offer the best service. But do they all offer similar benefits?

Although they function similarly, the efficiency of batteries differs a lot. Some batteries store more electricity and last longer than other batteries.

To help you select the correct option, we have made a list of the best solar battery options available on the market.

But first, let’s understand what solar batteries are and their uses.

What are Solar Batteries?

Solar batteries are devices that store all the excess power generated by the solar system during the peak hours of the day. 

The DC current from the solar panels charges the solar battery. When the Sun is down, the stored DC power is converted into AC current by the inverter to keep the house running.

What are the Uses of Solar Batteries?

A powerful solar battery is efficient enough to supply optimum electricity for all your house requirements. This reduces your dependency on the commercial power supply. 

A solar battery has the following uses in a domestic and industrial setup:

  • – They store the excess current from the solar panels.
  • – During the night or on cloudy days, the battery supplies the stored electricity to power appliances.

7 Best Solar Battery Options in 2024

There are some factors that require your consideration while selecting a suitable solar battery for your home, such as:

  • – System type (on-grid/off-grid)
  • – Solar array size
  • – Power backup requirements
  • – Energy consumption during the night

The good news is – most modern battery systems are scalable, which means you can size them according to your requirements. 

The following are the best solar battery options in 2024. You can count on them.

1. Tesla Powerwall

Tesla is one of the leading brands for battery backup systems. This model of solar battery comes with an easy installation method. Its key features include:

  • – It offers an energy capacity of 13.5 kWh.
  • – Its 7.6 kW power rating facilitates a continuous power supply of 5.8 kW when the sun is not visible.
  • – You can connect as many as 10 Power wall units in order to store optimum power for your house requirements.
  • – It has an application for function control.

The following are its pros and cons: 

Pros Cons
Ten years warranty.Excellent power distribution.Stacks up ten batteries.Efficient management and control with a dedicated app.Expensive. Compatible with only Tesla solar panels.

2. Panasonic EverVolt DC Coupled Battery System

Panasonic is a well-known brand for producing electrical appliances. If you buy this model of solar battery, you will get the following features:

  • – It has a battery storage system of 11.4 kWh capacity.
  • – Its modular design has an integrated 5.5 kW DC120/240Vac inverter.
  • – The PowerHub programmable controller facilitates better management of the system.
  • – It delivers 4.8 kW of continuous output power at 25A current.
  • – The average backup capability of the EverVolt DC Coupled Battery System is around 6 hours.

Here are the advantages and drawbacks of this solar battery:

Pros Cons 
Modular design with power scaling facility.10 years warranty.Transfers unused power to some utility providers.Stacks up to three units.Limited adaptability.All the commercial companies do not purchase unused power.

3. Luminous Tall Tubular Battery

It is a C10-rated deep cycle battery. It is a low-maintenance solar battery that requires servicing every 8 to 10 months. It comes with the following features:

  • – It has a high Ah efficiency with a low self-discharging rate.
  • – It is compatible with various solar inverters.
  • – This sturdy and durable battery stores maximum power to offer long-term backups.
  • – It comes with a 60 months warranty.
Pros Cons
Increased battery life.Low maintenance cost.Suitable for varying weather conditions.90% WH and 80%Ah efficiency.Expensive 

4. TATA Switch On IN150TT Inverter Battery

This is a 150 Ah inverter battery built with cutting-edge Japanese technology. Its features include the following:

  • – It has an inverter in-built for charging purposes.
  • – The full warranty of the TATA switch-on is 36 months flat in addition to 12 months pro-rata.
  • – It offers 12V battery voltage. 

5. Navitas Tubular Batteries

Navitas ensures complete energy efficiency by providing optimum power backup to run all the electrical appliances. It comes with the following features:

  • – It requires 0.05% less power to charge.
  • – Maintenance service frequency varies between every 2 to 3 months.
  • – The Ah efficiency is around 90%, while Wh efficiency is 80%.
  • – The depth of discharging number of cycles is 20% 5000, 50% 3000, and 80% 1500.
  • – The ambient temperature requirement is 30 degrees.
  • – Efficiently withstand partial charging for upto six months.
  • – It offers the durability of 6 to 8 years under normal operating conditions when connected to a solar hybrid inverter from Navitas.  

6. Havells Enviro Solar Battery

If you want the best solar battery with increased durability, Enviro solar battery can be suitable for you. Its salient features include:

  • – The solar gel battery requires minimum maintenance for proper functioning.
  • – Battery ranges between 12 V 35 mAh to 12 V 200 mAh.
  • – The high-quality alloy of Lead Calcium Tin Silver ensures rust and corrosion resistance.
  • – Suitable for harsh working conditions.
  • – It comes with a 36 months warranty.

7. Tesla Solar Tubular Battery

This battery has increased longevity and can withstand discharge or charge cycles until its capacity drops below 80%. Key features of this best solar battery are:

  • – It contains a superior grade lid and PP containers.
  • – High tensile-resistant polyester gauntlets.
  • – It has a plug with a microporous ceramic vent.
  • – SS fasteners and heavy-duty terminals.
  • – Double-sided negative plate pasting.
  • – The positive tubular plate is manufactured with the PDC Machine of ZIBO.


To get the maximum benefits from setting up your solar energy system, investing in a good solar panel is not enough for off-grid systems. 

You must also install the best solar battery to get a continuous power supply irrespective of the visibility of the sun. For this, it is necessary to determine your home’s specific power requirements. 

Although some solar batteries are expensive, their benefits outweigh their high cost in a few years.


Q. What are the compositions of the best solar battery?

The solar batteries are made with three chemical compositions, i.e., lead acid, saltwater, and lithium-ion.  

Q. How long does the best solar battery last?

The durability of solar batteries varies according to manufacturers. However, they generally last anywhere between 5 to 15 years.

Q. Can the best solar battery explode due to overheating?

The solar battery generally heats up while charging. However, it hardly gets too hot to explode or cause any harm to your house.