A Detailed Guide On 4KW solar panel price in Gujarat

A 4KW solar system is probably the most preferred size of solar panel installation on residential rooftops. Under standard conditions, it can generate a power output of around 16 units of electricity every day. 

Notably, for installing a 4KW solar panel system, you do not have to bear the entire 4KW solar panel price in Gujarat. Why? Because the government offers subsidies under certain conditions (to be discussed later on in this guide).

Want to learn everything about the 4KW solar panel price in Gujarat, the subsidy offered, and other information? If yes, dive in!

Price Range of a 4KW Solar System in Gujarat

The 4KW solar panel price in Gujarat depends on the specifications of the solar panels selected. You will not get all 4KW solar systems with the same price tag. 

Remarkably, the 4KW solar panel price in Gujarat is influenced by the following major factors:

  • – The type and efficiency of solar panels selected
  • – The technology used for manufacturing the solar panels
  • – The solar brand opted for
  • – The type of inverter that you select, as the price of solar inverters accounts for a major part of the solar system cost.

Still, we have a specific price range to denote the approximate price that one has to pay for a 4KW solar system. In Gujarat, the 4KW solar panel system price ranges from Rs. 1,80,000 to Rs. 2,80,000. 

Note that the subsidies are not calculated on this price range; they are granted against the state-wise L1 prices. Let us understand what L1 prices are and how they need to be calculated. 

What is the L1 Price of a 4KW Solar System in Gujarat?

To ascertain the subsidies offered on 4KW solar panel price in Gujarat, it is crucial to know the prevalent L1 prices. 

The L1 prices are also known as the discovered price, which is different for each state. All the empanelled solar vendors or companies in each state bid on the solar subsidy tender of their state. 

The vendor who bids the lowest wins and is granted the maximum allocation rights. Thus, the L1 price is nothing but the lowest bid amount. 

The L1 solar panel prices in Gujarat are as tabulated below:

Solar System CapacityL1 Prices in Gujarat (without GST)
1 KW to 3 KWRs. 40,991 / KW
Above 3KW to 10 KWRs. 43,500 / KW

Further, the criteria for offering the solar subsidy against the L1 prices in Gujarat are:

  • – For 1 KW to 3 KW solar systems, a 40% subsidy per KW is provided on the L1 price.
  • – For solar systems above 3 KW to 10 KW, a 40% subsidy per KW is offered for the first three kilowatts. For the remaining, a 20% subsidy is provided per KW.

4KW Solar Panel Price in Gujarat with Subsidy

Notably, the state DISCOM in Gujarat administers the solar subsidy scheme to promote solar rooftop installation in Gujarat. 

The subsidies are offered only for the installation of on-grid solar systems. Earlier, we discussed the criteria for offering a subsidy on the 4KW solar panel system in Gujarat, as per the L1 rates. Now, let us walk you through the procedure of calculating the subsidy amount offered by the government.

The amount of subsidy offered on the 4KW solar system against the L1 price in Gujarat is Rs. 60,900 (exclusive of GST). As you know the subsidy amount now, you can easily determine the 4KW solar panel price in Gujarat. You just have to deduct the subsidy grant from the solar system cost.

Since the cost of the 4KW solar system is between Rs. 1,80,000 – Rs. 2,80,000, you have to subtract the subsidy amount, which is Rs. 60,900 from the price range. So, it will be:

  • – Rs.1,80,000 – Rs. 60,900 = Rs. 1,19,100
  • – Rs. 2,80,000 – Rs. 60,900 = Rs. 2,19,100

Hence, the 4KW solar panel price in Gujarat with subsidy will be between Rs. 1,19,100 to Rs. 2,19,100.

Objectives of Solar Subsidy in Gujarat

The government is running the solar subsidy scheme with the primary objective of promoting the mass adoption of solar energy among homeowners. As the initial cost of installation may seem slightly high, the government offers a helping hand.

This promotion of solar energy will help to popularise the use of renewable resources for the production of electricity. Solar panel systems are an ideal solution to reducing carbon emissions, which will help to reduce pollution. 

So, how about applying for the subsidy grant? If you want to learn how to apply for it? Read further!

How to Apply for a Subsidy in Gujarat?

You have to follow the precise steps listed here to apply for the government subsidy scheme for the 4KW solar panel price in Gujarat.

  • – Open the official website of the DGVCL.
  • – Look through the list of the empanelled vendors in Gujarat and select Solarsquare from that list.
  • – Next, you are required to share your project details with SolarSquare Energy (SSE) experts.
  • – Then, a DGVCL officer will come to your house, i.e., the installation site, to inspect and validate the suitability of the location for the installation of the solar panel system.
  • – After the officer grants his/her approval for your project, you will be required to make payment for the final 4KW solar panel price in Gujarat to SSE after deducting the subsidy price.
  • – Once the solar system installation is completed, the net metering service is commissioned.
  • – After the authorities commission your net meter, your solar system will become functional.
  • – Once your system starts functioning, Dakshin Gujarat Vij Co.Ltd will apportion the amount of subsidy directly to SolarSquare.

Don’t Forget The Essential Documents!

  • – A Passport size photograph
  • – A self-attested copy of the Aadhaar Card and PAN Card of the applicant.
  • – Updated Municipal house tax receipt of the property
  • – The latest electricity bill for your house.
  • – A cancelled check to verify account details.


Opting for solar energy is a big step toward creating a sustainable future. The trend of going solar is rising with time. 

The government is providing solar subsidies for 4KW solar panel price in Gujarat as financial assistance for households and housing societies. Hence, you must make this decision timely and take advantage of the solar subsidy in Gujarat.


Q. What is the eligibility criteria for solar subsidy in Gujarat?

To claim a solar subsidy against the 4KW solar panel price in Gujarat, you need to install a rooftop on-grid solar system with DCR solar modules that are also ALMM-approved. 

Remember that solar subsidies are granted only to homeowners and housing societies, not commercial establishments.

Q. What is the L1 price to calculate the 4KW solar panel price in Gujarat?

The L1 prices for solar systems in Gujarat are as mentioned below:

  • – For 1 KW to 3 KW – Rs. 40,991 per KW
  • – For 3KW up to 10 KW – Rs 43,500 per KW
Q. Can I avail of subsidy on the 4KW solar panel price in Gujarat?

You can get a subsidy only against the L1 4KW solar panel price in Gujarat. It amounts to Rs. 60,900 (excluding GST).