2KW Solar Panel Price in Gujarat – Price Range, Subsidy, & Application Procedure

Electricity is expensive, and we cannot deny that. But what if we tell you that it does not have to be expensive?

With the increasing price of fossil fuel-based electricity, now is the perfect time to switch to solar energy. Are you wondering why? Well, because it is affordable and environmentally friendly. What more can we ask for? 

You may have already considered the 2KW Solar panel price in Gujarat and thought it to be quite expensive. However, did you know that the government offers a considerable subsidy on on-grid rooftop solar systems? 

So, even if you are looking at 2KW solar systems, you will find that the 2KW Solar panel price in Gujarat is quite affordable with government subsidies. 

Are you curious how much subsidy you can get on your 2KW solar system? Well, read on to know everything about it.  

Overview of 2KW Solar System

A 2KW solar system generates around 8 units of electricity daily, amounting to 240 units monthly. The monthly energy consumption of an average Indian household is close to 250 units. Therefore, a 2KW solar system can sufficiently power a moderate-sized house easily. 

It can power all kinds of appliances, including washing machines, air conditioners, fans, and television. It seems a perfect option for your home, doesn’t it? 

However, it is undeniable that installing a 2KW solar system requires an upfront investment. Therefore, the Gujarat Government has announced subsidies.

Read on to learn more about the price range of the 2KW solar system and what are the subsidies available for it.

Factors determining the cost of a 2KW solar system in Gujarat

A few factors determine the final price of your solar system. These include –

  • – Type of Solar Panel: When purchasing a 2KW solar system for your home, you will find two options for solar panels. The first is the monocrystalline solar panel which has high efficiency but is marginally expensive. The second option is polycrystalline solar panels which are lower in price but have low efficiency.
  • – Brand: The pricing of solar projects is not the same for all brands. Each solar brand provides a different quality of solar panels, which determines the overall cost of the solar project.

In fact, even the type of inverter you purchase and the value-added services you buy affect the cost of a solar system. Now that you know the factors affecting the non-subsidized 2KW solar panel price in Gujarat, let’s calculate the final price of this solar panel system and the subsidy you can get.

The price range of a 2KW solar system in Gujarat

The typical 2KW solar panel price in Gujarat is ₹90,000 to ₹1,40,000. Before we move on to understand the subsidy calculations for a 2KW solar panel, let us understand a crucial concept here – the L1 price!

It is essential to know about the L1 rates because the subsidy amount granted for each solar system is calculated according to the L1 or discovered rate of the solar system.

So, what exactly is the L1 price? It is the lowest bidding price proposed by a solar vendor. The state government invites all registered vendors to bid for solar tenders, and the lowest bidder is given the maximum allocation rights. In addition, the lowest bid is marked as L1 or discovered rate.

Prevalent L1 rates on a 2KW solar system

As stated earlier, the 2KW Solar panel price in Gujarat is subsidised according to the L1 rate. Now you must be wondering how much the total subsidy is and whether you are eligible for it. We have the answer to your queries!

So, the Indian government has set slabs on subsidies for residential solar projects.

  • – Solar projects between 1KW to 3KW – 40% of L1 rates
  • – Solar projects over 3KW and up to 10 KW – 40% for the 1st 3 KWs and 20% for the remaining KWs 

So, assuming you are installing a 2KW solar system for your home, you can claim a subsidy if-

  • – The solar panels are made in India and have been approved by ALMM.
  • – You are installing a rooftop on-grid solar system.
  • – You are installing the solar system for domestic use only.

Now, let’s calculate the 2KW solar system price in Gujarat with subsidy deductions.

Price of a 2KW Solar System With Subsidy In Gujarat

The L1 rate of a 2KW solar system in Gujarat is ₹40,991. So, here’s a simple calculation table:

Solar System CapacityL1 priceSubsidy for a 2KW solar system2KW solar panel price in Gujarat without subsidy2KW solar panel price in Gujarat after deducting subsidy
2KW₹40,991₹32,793₹90,000 to ₹1,40,000₹57,207 to ₹1,0,7207

How to Apply For a Subsidy in Gujarat?

So, are you now ready to switch to solar energy? If yes, here’s the subsidy application process.

  • – First, go to the Dakshin Gujarat Vij Co.Ltd (DGVCL) website.
  • – Select SolarSquare from the list of empanelled vendors.
  • – Enter the solar project details, such as capacity and type.
  • – Wait for a DGVCL officer to verify and approve the final solar panel price.
  • – Pay the final amount to the vendor, which includes the subsidy.
  • – The process of solar panel installation begins.
  • – Net metering and commissioning make the solar system active.
  • – Once the solar system gets active, DGVCL will pay the subsidy to SSE.

Procedure for Net Metering

If you are installing an on-grid solar system for your home, you need to know about the net metering process in Gujarat. The net metering process occurs in 4 stages, and here is a very brief description of these stages:

Stage 1: In the first stage, you must verify your application details and documents.

Stage 2: Next, a DGVCL verifies the details to provide the estimate for the solar project. 

Stage 3: In the third stage, a local field officer checks the installation site to initiate the installation process.

Stage 4: In the last stage, SSE reports the completion of the installation, and CEI verifies the details. Finally, after approval from CEI, the net meter is installed.

Documents Required

  • – Self-attested copy of Aadhar card.
  • – PAN card
  • – Passport-sized photograph
  • – The latest Municipal tax receipt of your house
  • – The latest electricity bill
  • – Cancelled cheque


The 2KW solar panel price in Gujarat may seem high because of the upfront cost. However, let us not forget that the Gujarat government provides subsidies at significant rates, as discussed in this blog. 

If you are determined to cut your electricity bills and move towards a sustainable lifestyle, solar energy is the ultimate solution. Now that you know all details regarding the 2KW solar panel price in Gujarat and the government subsidies, we hope you are all set to switch to solar energy!


Q. What is the overall 2KW Solar panel price in Gujarat?

The 2KW Solar panel price in Gujarat ranges from ₹90,000 to ₹1,40,000. Also, if your solar panel is eligible for government subsidies, the final price will go around ₹57,207 to ₹1,07,207. 

Remember that the subsidy is offered only to homeowners and housing societies on the installation of rooftop on-grid solar systems.

Q. Are all 2KW solar panels priced the same?

No, the 2KW Solar panel price in Gujarat can vary according to the type of modules, inverters, and brand you choose. As already mentioned, the price ranges between ₹90,000 to ₹1,40,000 without subsidy. 

Q. Are there any government subsidies available on 2KW solar panels in Gujarat?

Yes, the government provides a subsidy of ₹32,793 on 2KW Solar panel price in Gujarat.