A Detailed Guide on 1KW solar panel price in Uttar Pradesh with subsidy

Currently, India is facing a dire fuel crisis which can be seen in the form of rising electricity prices. This is because much of the electricity is generated from fossil fuels. 

Therefore, many states, including Uttar Pradesh, are making visible efforts to switch to greener and cleaner energy sources like solar energy. The government is actively trying to popularise the 1KW solar panel price in Uttar Pradesh with subsidy.

Switching to solar energy is undoubtedly beneficial to the environment. However, did you know that it can benefit you financially too? We’ll tell you all about it! Read on to learn more about the 1KW solar panel system.

Overview of a 1KW Solar PV System

You can significantly reduce your fossil fuel-based electricity usage with a 1KW solar panel system. For example, a 1KW solar system can generate 4 units of electricity a day, sufficient to power fans and lighting systems in your home.

To build a 1KW system for your home in Uttar Pradesh, you will need:

  • – Solar Panels
  • – Solar Inverter
  • – Solar Battery
  • – Mounting Structures
  • – DC and AC combiner boxes
  • – Accessories like lightning arresters, conduit pipes, Cables, MC4 connectors, and earthing rods.

The overall price of a 1KW solar panel system may seem to be slightly high initially; however, the long-term results are rewarding. Moreover, the 1KW solar panel price in Uttar Pradesh with subsidy is considerably low and within an affordable range. 

We’ll give you a detailed breakdown of how much a 1KW solar panel system costs initially and the overall 1KW solar panel price in Uttar Pradesh with subsidy. Let us get started!

The price range of a 1KW PVsystem in UP

Before looking at the 1KW solar panel price in Uttar Pradesh with subsidy, you should know what the original price of a 1KW system is and what factors affect its overall cost. 

Factors that affect the overall cost of your solar system:

  • Choice of Solar Panel: The two widely used types of solar panels are monocrystalline and polycrystalline. However, these two have differences in pricing. 

While the monocrystalline panels with higher efficiency are priced at a higher range, the low-efficient poly panels are cheaper. Therefore, if you opt for monocrystalline panels for your system, the upfront cost might be slightly high. 

Nevertheless, the 1KW solar panel price in Uttar Pradesh with subsidy covers the cost of the mono panels now since you will not get a subsidy on mono panels too. 

  • The number of Solar Panels: Depending on your energy requirement, you may need a varying number of solar panels. Therefore, the final cost of your solar project is determined by the number of installed solar panels.
  • Choice of Brand: Solar panel quality varies depending on the brand. Good quality Tier-1 solar panels sold by the top solar panel manufacturers are marginally costlier than sub-standard solar panels.
  • Add-on Services: Adding any value-added service can further increase the overall estimate of your solar project.

Now that you know the factors determining the overall cost of a solar system, let us tell you about the price range of a 1KW system. The price range of a 1KW system is around ₹70,000 to ₹1,10,000. However, the 1KW solar panel price in Uttar Pradesh with subsidy is typically lower.

Are you curious how much the 1KW solar panel price in Uttar Pradesh with subsidy totals? Let’s find out!

What is the Price of a 1KW Solar Panel System With Subsidy In Uttar Pradesh

Before calculating the 1KW solar panel price in Uttar Pradesh with subsidy, you should be aware that a new national subsidy scheme was launched on 30th July 2022. Before this, the state subsidy scheme was popular. But the national subsidy scheme is simpler and quicker. Hence, it has already replaced the state subsidy in many states, and it is expected to replace the state subsidy entirely very soon.

The national subsidy is called DBT, which stands for Direct Benefit Transfer. And the rate is fixed and the same for all states. Here’s the rate for you:

Plant CapacityApplicable Subsidy
Up to 3kW₹14,588/- per kW
Above 3kW and up to 10kW₹14,588/kW for the first 3kW; thereafter, ₹7294/kW
Above 10kW₹94,822 fixed

Finally, before we walk you through the 1KW solar panel price in Uttar Pradesh with subsidy, we’d like you to look at the conditions to avail of a subsidy.

The Indian Government provides subsidies for residential solar systems if

  • – The solar panels are made in India and have been approved by ALMM.
  • – The total solar project size is 10KW or lower.
  • – The solar project is an on-grid rooftop system.

Coming back to the price explanation, here are the details:

1KW solar panel price in Uttar Pradesh without subsidy falls in the range of ₹70,000 to ₹1,10,000.

The DBT subsidy on a 1 KW solar system is ₹14,588.

Hence, after a subsidy, the 1KW solar panel price in Uttar Pradesh should range between ₹55,412 to ₹95,412.

Objectives of Solar Subsidy in UP

With the growing need to switch to renewable energy, the UP Government is promoting solar energy in several ways. 

The solar subsidy is one of the ways through which the Government is helping domestic consumers to switch to solar energy. 

Moreover, solar subsidy also promotes the use of domestic solar panels since you can get a subsidy only on DCR solar panels (panels made in India).

How to Apply for a Subsidy in UP?

Now that you know about the subsidy on the 1KW solar panel system, let us tell you about the procedure to claim the solar subsidy under the DBT scheme.

  • – PM Modi has launched a National Portal for Rooftop Solar.
  • – The portal is where the subsidy has to be filed.
  • – Open the portal and download the Sandes app.
  • – After you register on the app and submit the rooftop solar installation application, an officer from the discom will review your application.
  • – If found technically feasible, you’ll get the NOC.
  • – After the NOC, pick SolarSquare as your vendor.
  • – Discuss project details with our solar consultant and ask as many questions about the solar panel price in Surat.
  • – Sign an agreement with us.
  • – Once you’ve made the payment, we will begin the installation.
  • – After installation, a work completion report and the net metre installation request have to be submitted.
  • – You will receive a commissioning certificate after the net metre is installed and commissioned.
  • – Submit your bank account details and upload a copy of a cancelled cheque through the National Portal for Rooftop Solar. 
  • – The details will be shared with the Fund Handling Agency.
  • – The Fund Handling Agency will disburse the subsidy to your bank account.

Which Documents Are Required?

To apply for a solar subsidy, you need to submit the following documents.

  • – Identity proof: Self-attested copy of Aadhar
  • – Passport photographs
  • – Latest electricity bill
  • – Municipal property tax


Taking the initiative to switch to solar energy is not beneficial to you individually but also to the world. 

Moreover, the 1KW solar panel price in Uttar Pradesh with subsidy is affordable for homeowners. Thus, we can take the step to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels by using solar systems. So, take a step towards a better future with solar energy!


Q. What are the benefits of the 1KW solar panel system?

The 1KW solar panel system provides several benefits, such as-

  • – It helps to lower monthly electricity bills.
  • – Increases the value of your property.
  • – It makes you less dependent on fossil fuel-based electricity.
Q. What is the overall 1KW solar panel price in Uttar Pradesh with subsidy?

The subsidy of a 1KW solar panel system is equal to ₹14,588. Therefore, the overall 1KW solar panel price in Uttar Pradesh with subsidy is around ₹55,412 to ₹95,412.

Q. How much energy will a 1KW solar panel system generate?

A 1KW system generates around 4 units per day. Therefore, you can get up to 120 units a month. If that’s your power consumption (between 100-120 units/month), then 1KW is the ideal solar system for you.