A Comprehensive Guide On 1KW solar panel price in Gujarat

A crucial factor that affects the decision of people to install solar systems is the marginally high cost of the initial investment. However, remember that the benefits of solar systems, including the monetary savings over the long run, weigh more than the initial cost you bear.

In this guide, we’ve taken the initiative of explaining to you everything about a 1 KW solar system in Gujarat. 

Did you know that the Gujarat government offers subsidies for making the 1KW solar panel price in Gujarat a lot more affordable for you?

Interesting, right? 

If you want to know more about the 1KW solar panel price in Gujarat with subsidy and more, dive in!

1KW Solar Panel Price In Gujarat

Typically, a 1KW solar system is meant for small homes. It can deliver around 4 units of electricity daily when the weather is favorable.

Notably, the prices of different 1 KW systems are not the same. Well, you must be thinking, what is the reason for this price variation? 

The pricing of different 1KW solar systems varies due to the below-mentioned factors:

  • – The type and corresponding efficiency of solar panels.
  • – The technology used for manufacturing solar modules.
  • – The solar brand you choose and the value-added services you pick.
  • – The type of inverter you select for your solar system.

Hence, the 1KW solar panel price in Gujarat ranges from Rs. 45,000 to Rs. 70,000.

Note that this price range is the cost of the 1 KW solar system including its installation. You must not confuse this price range with the L1 price in Gujarat, which is used to calculate the subsidy. Both are two different concepts. Let us check how!

Reviewing the L1 Price of a 1KW Solar System in Gujarat 

The 1KW solar panel price in Gujarat with subsidy is based on the L1 rates. These L1 prices or rates are different for each state. 

The government of Gujarat invites the empanelled solar vendors to bid for the solar subsidy tender of the state to gain allocation rights. The vendor who bids the lowest gains the maximum allocation rights, and the lowest bid becomes the L1 price of the state. It is also referred to as discovered rates.

Here is the L1 1KW solar panel price in Gujarat government in 2022:

  • – For 1 KW to 3 KW solar systems in Gujarat, the L1 price is Rs. 40,991 per KW.
  • – For panels over 3 KW and up to 10 KW, the L1 solar panel price in Gujarat is Rs. 43,500 per KW.

Note: These L1 rates are exclusive of GST.

1KW Solar Panel Price in Gujarat with Subsidy 

The state government offers solar subsidies for residential solar installations and housing societies in Gujarat. These subsidies are provided only for on-grid rooftop solar systems. 

  • – For individual homes, the subsidy is capped at 10 KW.
  • – For housing societies, the subsidy is offered up to 500 KW. 

Let us discuss the subsidy calculation criteria and the amount of subsidy offered for 1KW solar panel price in Gujarat government. Here is the calculation table:

Solar System CapacityPercentage of the L1 price offered as a Subsidy
1 KW to 3 KW 40% on the L1 price
Above 3 KW and up to 10 KW40% of the L1 price for the 1st 3 KWs +20% of the L1 price for the remaining KWs

Next, let us find out the exact amount of subsidy that residents of Gujarat can avail of corresponding to the 1KW solar panel system. 

The subsidy offered by the Gujarat Government for a 1KW solar system is Rs. 16,396. So, if you have purchased a 1 KW solar panel system worth Rs. 45,000 to Rs. 70,000, you must subtract the subsidy grant from this amount. 

  • – Rs. 45,000 – Rs. 16,396 = Rs. 28,604
  • – Rs. 70,000 – Rs. 16,396 = Rs. 53,604

Hence, the 1KW solar panel price in Gujarat with subsidy would be between Rs. 28,604 to Rs. 53,604.

Objectives of Solar Subsidy in Gujarat

Do you know why the Gujarat government offers this subsidy grant to the people who install on-grid solar panels for domestic usage? 

Well, firstly, the chief objective of granting the subsidy is to encourage people to opt for installing solar panels and replace conventional sources of electricity, like fossil fuels. 

Notably, the electricity produced from conventional energy sources, specifically fossil fuels, is harmful to our earth and also leads to the exhaustion of these sources. The solar subsidy by the Gujarat government is an innovative approach to encourage citizens to go solar and reduce pollution. 

Secondly, the subsidy promotes the usage of solar panels manufactured in our country. Solar systems help save a great deal of money in the long term. 

How to Apply For a Solar Subsidy in Gujarat?

After discussing the calculations for 1KW solar panel price in Gujarat, along with the subsidy amount, you must be wondering how to apply for it. Here are the steps to apply for the government subsidy offered on L1 price in Gujarat:

  • – Visit the official DGVCL website.
  • – Look through the list of empanelled vendors and choose SolarSquare from it.
  • – Next, you must discuss all the project details with the SolarSquare Energy (SSE) experts.
  • – After this, a DGVCL technical officer will come to your house (installation site) to verify whether or not your rooftop location is suitable for solar installation.
  • – After the officer grants his approval, you will be required to make payment for the net 1KW solar panel price to SSE after deducting the subsidy.
  • – Once the installation process is done, the net metering commission will start.
  • – After net metering, your system will become functional, and the subsidy amount will be disbursed from the Dakshin Gujarat Vij Co.Ltd to SolarSquare Energy.

Solar Net Metering Process in Gujarat

Let us now have a look at the net metering process in Gujarat. 

Stage I: Submitting an Application

  • – First, your installer will generate an application on the SG portal.
  • – Then, you must give a one-time password to validate your application and the necessary documents.

Stage II: Authentication and Fees Payment

  • – After you submit your application, the application will be checked by a sub-division officer of Dakshin Gujarat Vij Co.Ltd  Discom. His/her approval is mandatory.
  • – After this process, a letter will be generated by the Discom.

Stage III: Approval and Payment For Installation Charges

  • – Then, the suitability of your house for the solar system setup will be scrutinised. 
  • – You will be required to make the payment for the charges of installation.
  • – Once the payment is made, an update will be sent by the SG portal.

Stage IV: Work Completion, Verification, and Net Metering Installation

  • – Post the installation, SSE will submit the details of work completion, which will be verified by the CEI.
  • – Lastly, the net meter will be commissioned and the solar system will become functional.

Documents Required

Notably, you need to submit the below-mentioned documents for availing subsidy –

  • – Self-attested copies of your Aadhaar card and PAN card for proof of identity.
  • – Self-attested recent passport-size photographs.
  • – The last electricity bill to determine your power consumption.
  • – Updated municipal tax receipt of your house as proof of your legal rights on the property.
  • – A cancelled cheque for your bank account details.


Installing a 1KW solar panel system can be one of the best decisions to make as a resident of Gujarat. With the growing awareness about using renewable sources of energy to promote sustainability, it is the right time to opt for a solar energy system

Since the government offers subsidies on on-grid domestic 1KW solar panel price in Gujarat, it becomes more affordable to set up solar systems for electricity needs. 


Q. What is the average daily and yearly energy production of a 1KW solar system?

The average daily power production of a 1KW solar system is 4 units under ideal conditions. 

Considering this, the average output for a month will be around 120 units, and that for a year will be 1440 units, approximately.

Q. What is the average 1KW solar panel price in Gujarat?

The average 1KW solar panel price in Gujarat ranges between Rs. 45,000 to Rs. 70,000.

Q. What is the L1 price for a 1KW solar panel system in Gujarat?

The L1 price for a 1KW solar panel system in Gujarat is Rs. 16,396.