Rooftop Solar Solution In Gwalior

Rooftop Solar Solution In Gwalior

Gwalior’s a beautiful city of ancient palaces, and SolarSquare is the leading rooftop solar installation company that has already solarised more than 6000 homes in India. We are now embarked on the journey to popularise solar in your city.


More than 3000+ homes have already chosen us for installing rooftop solar systems in their homes in MP, out of which more than 135 belong to your city.


Installing solar can reduce pollution and electricity bills by up to 90%. These are a couple of reasons why people want to know everything about the solar panel price Gwalior. 


And as you might have already guessed, this post caters explicitly to Gwalior – the birthplace of the legendary musician Tansen. 


Suppose the raga of reduced electricity bills feels like music to your ears too. In that case, this post can be your solar handbook – what is the solar panel price in Gwalior, why should you choose SolarSquare as your go-to company, what’s the solar installation cost in Gwalior, and much more. 


Dive in and explore solar panel price Gwalior with SolarSquare by your side like never before. 


Why Choose SolarSquare?


Winston Churchill once said, “Never give up on something that you can’t go a day without thinking about”, and our founders took it seriously. 


Now a pack of more than 300, SolarSquare was once a two-member team when the company was founded in 2015 by two engineers from IIT Mumbai.  


Intending to improve the energy hygiene of India and make the country run on clean energy, our founders worked passionately towards one end goal – mass adoption of solar, not just in commercial and industrial sectors, but the residential sector too. 


Our customers placed their trust in us, and we kept adding milestone after milestone in our journey of 8 years.


Here’s a snippet of what we achieved with the love and support of our customers. 


  • Started with the installation of a 73 KW solar system for TVS in Madurai

  • Installed an 8 MW solar plant for Prince Pipes in two phases (2020 and 2022)

  • Gained the trust of giants like Panasonic, Reliance, and Jindal Steel to be our clients

  • Managed to become the first-ever UL-certified company in India

  • Now the third-biggest rooftop solar company in India

  • Helped 6000+ homes in India go solar


Our customers take our word for it when we reveal the solar panel price Gwalior because we’re a transparent firm. We offer the following services throughout the country. 


  • Prefabricated mounting structures that can handle cyclonic wind speeds 

  • An annual maintenance contract to take care of the solar system’s health

  • A quick, 10-minute loan approval

  • A 6-month interest-free EMI scheme

  • 3-year and 5-year EMI schemes 

  • Free rooftop inspection 


Why choose SolarSquare in Gwalior?


Before we can walk you through the solar panel price in Gwalior, we’d like to explain why we’re the favourite rooftop installer in MP.


We have already offered hassle-free installation to more than 135 customers in Gwalior, 3000+ customers in the entire MP state, and over 6000 customers all over India.


The benchmark services that make us unlike any other player in Gwalior are as follows.


  • A free rooftop inspection

  • A 3-D drawing of the solar system on the rooftop within 15 minutes

  • Helping customers choose the best modules and solar inverters

  • No welding on-site 

  • Using high-quality prefabricated mounting structures

  • A 5-year annual maintenance contract


We also handle all the paperwork for our customers; 


  • Filing a load change application to change the sanctioned load

  • Applying for the commissioning of the net meter

  • Applying for subsidy on the National Portal for Rooftop Solar


Free solar assessment by SolarSquare


Not every person who book a solar consultation with us become our customer. Nevertheless, we send our expert solar consultants to the houses of all people who qualify for solar installation. The purpose is to offer a free rooftop inspection. 


Even if you own the rooftop and the meter is in your name, the rooftop needs to be inspected to figure out the following: 


  • The shadow-free space available

  • The tilt angle and slope of the rooftop

  • The condition of the roof and what’s it made of (RCC or metallic sheets)


These, and many more, parameters must be considered to choose the right solar system for your home. 


Our experts will answer any question that you have. You can also ask for the details about the solar panel price Gwalior and develop an understanding of why the cost of solar installation varies from project to project. 


Register with us to learn more about the free solar assessment we offer in Gwalior and what you should expect during the home visit. 


Solar Panel Price in Gwalior Without a Subsidy 


The solar panel price Gwalior is one hot topic that keeps customers on their toes – is it too expensive? Will it offer the promised returns? Is it worth it? Is it bone-breakingly high? Etc, etc., etc. 


If you’ve had these questions too, we have all the answers for you. Before we reveal the range of solar panel price in Gwalior, we’d like to mention why the prices vary. 


  • Two major modules in India are polycrystalline and monocrystalline solar panels. The former costs less but has lesser efficiency (16-17%). The latter has an efficiency between 19-20%, costing more. Needless to say, the solar panel price Gwalior will depend upon the type of module you will choose.

  • Two major solar inverters used in India are string inverters and micro-inverters. The latter uses advanced tech and performs better; hence, it costs more. 

  • Your power consumption will also affect the final solar installation cost. It’s a no-brainer that a 5 KW system will cost more than a 3 KW solar system, and so on. 


Some other factors that affect the solar panel price Gwalior and the entire installation cost include the value-added services you choose, how big your rooftop is, and whether or not there are shadow issues. 


Keeping in mind each factor, we have a price range. Remember that this range is not just the solar panel price Gwalior, it’s the entire installation cost, from procuring materials to installing the solar system and offering the annual maintenance contract. 


The capacity of the solar system 

Cost of the solar system

1 KW

₹70,000 to ₹1,10,000

2 KW

₹1,40,000 to ₹1,80,000

3 KW

₹1,80,000 to ₹2,40,000

4 KW

₹2,40,000 to ₹3,20,000

5 KW

₹3,00,000 to ₹4,00,000

10 KW

₹6,00,000 to ₹8,00,000


Solar Panel Price Gwalior with Subsidy


The state government used to (and still does) run a very popular state-wise subsidy programme to help homeowners and housing societies install solar panels at lesser prices. 


Now, a different nationwide subsidy programme has been launched. It’s known as the DBT (Direct Benefit Transfer) subsidy scheme. 


Although both programmes are still active within the country, DBT will soon replace the state-run programme. 


DBT is more straightforward, but there are many layers to applying for a subsidy on the National Portal for Rooftop Solar (the website that PM Modi launched on 30th July 2022). 


Hence, SolarSquare handles everything on behalf of customers to make things smooth. 


The DBT subsidy rate card that’ll help you figure out the solar panel price Gwalior with a subsidy is tabulated below. 


Plant Capacity

Applicable Subsidy

Up to 3kW

14,588/- per kW

Above 3kW and up to 10kW

14,588/kW for the first 3kW; thereafter, 7294/kW

Above 10kW

94,822 fixed


Now, let's walk you through the solar panel price in Gwalior after you avail a subsidy. 


Solar Panel Price Gwalior after a Subsidy


System’s capacity

Price without subsidy

Subsidy offered

Price after subsidy

1 KW

₹70,000 to ₹1,10,000


₹55,412 to ₹95,412

2 KW

₹1,40,000 to ₹1,80,000


₹1,10,824 to ₹1,50,824

3 KW

₹1,80,000 to ₹2,40,000


₹1,36,236 to ₹1,96,236

4 KW

₹2,40,000 to ₹3,20,000


1,88,942 to ₹2,68,942

5 KW

₹3,00,000 to ₹4,00,000


₹2,41,648 to ₹3,41,648

10 KW

₹6,00,000 to ₹8,00,000


5,05,178 to ₹7,05,178


Awards and Certifications

SSolarSquare is the number one solar company in MP and our countrywide achievements aren’t far behind either. We’ve earned many prestigious titles; the most noteworthy ones are as follows. 


  1. We are the third-biggest player in rooftop solar in India as per JMK research and analytics report, 2021.

  2. And we are the first-ever UL-certified company in the country.

Customer Testimonials

Mr Mohit Kumar Kushwah


I recently installed a 5 KW solar system at my nanaji's house with the help of SolarSquare. The process their team implemented was very customer-friendly. They took care of everything at every step of the way. We really appreciate the dedication of all the team members.


Mr Ramesh Chauhan


Overall work of SolarSquare Energy is very good. I got the best structure at the lowest cost from them. The whole team is very professional and responsive. Good work.


Mr Harshil Soni


The SolarSquare folks were very clear about every step of the process of installation. My panels went on the roof in one day, and the system was started after the site inspection. I love looking at the web interface showing me what I am producing – it is my happy place! I would do it again if I ever moved. 


Mr Kuldeep Gupta


These people are very hardworking. I was really impressed by the way their team works. The quality of the material used was best in class. I got a 3 KW plant for my home. Would recommend everyone to go with SolarSquare.


Mr Akash Pandey


I am thoroughly impressed by the SolarSquare team. The quality of materials they use is awesome. I recommend SolarSquare to everyone because their entire team is very supportive.




1. What are the benefits of installing rooftop solar panels in Gwalior?


The many benefits that make solar panel price Gwalior a worthwhile investment are listed below. 


  • Your electricity bill will reduce by 90%

  • Global warming and pollution will reduce 

  • Your carbon footprint will reduce


2. How do I get a solar subsidy for a rooftop solar installation in Gwalior?


It’s a series of steps that have to be followed on the National Portal for Rooftop Solar when applying for a subsidy. We apply for the same on behalf of our customers. The steps are as follows. 


  • Click open the National Portal for Rooftop Solar.

  • Download the Sandes app.

  • Register and submit the rooftop solar system installation application. 

  • The Discom will check the application for technical feasibility.

  • You will receive NOC only after the approval of the discom.

  • After you receive the NOC, pick SolarSquare as your vendor.

  • Discuss project details with our solar consultant and ask as many questions about the solar panel price Gwalior.

  • Sign an agreement with us.

  • Once you’ve made the payment, we will begin the installation.

  • After installation, a work completion report and the net meter installation request must be submitted.

  • You will receive a commissioning certificate after the net meter is installed and commissioned.

  • Submit your bank account details and upload a copy of a cancelled cheque through the National Portal for Rooftop Solar. 

  • The details will be shared with the Fund Handling Agency.

  • The Fund Handling Agency will disburse the subsidy to your bank account. 


3. What will be the cost of installing a solar panel system in Gwalior?


The solar panel price Gwalior we are about to enlist covers the entire installation cost. It’s a broad range. 


  • 1 KW: ₹70,000 to ₹1,10,000

  • 2 KW: ₹1,40,000 to ₹1,80,000

  • 3 KW: ₹1,80,000 to ₹2,40,000

  • 4 KW: ₹2,40,000 to ₹3,20,000

  • 5 KW: ₹3,00,000 to ₹4,00,000

  • 10 KW: ₹6,00,000 to ₹8,00,000