Installing rooftop solar is a significant decision for any family. 

It comes with the promise of:

  1. Never having to pay hefty electricity bills again 
  2. Enjoying free electricity for a minimum of 25 years

The most remarkable aspect? The initial investment in solar installation pays back within a mere 4 years (check the calculations in the accompanying infographic).

This breakeven period remains consistent regardless of your system’s capacity. In reality, with electricity costs escalating annually by 3-10%, the 4-year mark is a conservative estimate. 

Often, diligent system maintenance, as recommended by experts, accelerates the cost recovery to within 2-3 years, or even less.

Now, let’s take the example of a 3 kW system to figure out how much money solar will save you after the initial investment is recovered.

  1. Annual savings of ₹36,000
  2. Electricity costs rising by 3-10% annually
  3. Breakeven achieved in 4 years
  4. Solar’s lifespan is 25 years
  5. Post breakeven, enjoy 21 more years of free electricity
  6. The cumulative savings over 25 years, factoring in escalating electricity costs, amount to at least ₹13-15 lakh.

So, what’s stopping you from being the Ambani of your destiny – producing your own power and getting richer by the day?

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